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No cost techniques to prevent premature skin aging

Right information and common sense can go a long way towards preventing wrinkles and premature skin aging at virtually no cost. Here's some simple techniques you can start with.

subsect Beware of the sun UV-light from the sun or tanning beds is the single biggest contributor to premature skin aging. Prevention of sun damage may do more for your skin than all your other skin care combined. Make sure you don't neglect sun protection.

Don't smoke I hope, dear reader, that you don't smoke for many other health reasons. If you do, keep in mind that smoking damages skin almost as much as sunlight by generating a flood of free radicals. Certain antioxidants may provide partial protection from smoking-relate skin damage.

Sleep on your back Most of the day, gravity pulls you skin down, contributing to facial sag and wrinkles. Give your skin a break as you sleep. When you sleep face up, the stretching effect of gravity on your skin is minimal. Besides, when your face is pressed to a pillow, you get more puffiness in the morning.

Don't drink alcohol in the evening Alcohol increases the leakiness of capillaries (small blood vessels), so more water moves from bloodstream into soft tissues. Combined with horizontal position of the body during sleep, this results in facial puffiness, skin stretching and faster wrinkle formation. Moderate drinking at least three hours before going to bed should not cause this problem in most people.

Don't wash your skin too often or to aggressively Washing strips skin of oil and moisture. If you use harsh detergents (such as sodium lauryl sulfate or its analogs common in shampoos, liquid soaps and shower gels) the stripping gets worse. Besides, tap water contains chlorine which causes oxidative damage. Washing your face once a day is sufficient. Excessively long and/or frequent showers overexpose your skin to chlorine. The rate of chemical reactions increases with temperature. The higher the temperature of the water, the greater is the damage from chlorine and/or harsh chemicals in the water.

Other techniques There are a number of other no cost steps you can take to prevent wrinkles and premature skin aging. Read our article on avoiding skin damage. See also our Quick Tips section and Skin Rejuvenation Infopack.

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