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are growth factors harmful when applied topically?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:59 pm    Post subject: are growth factors harmful when applied topically? Reply with quote

Here's a quote from another online skincare forum. Are there any opinions here (from Dr. Todorov or anyone else) regarding what's written below? One person on this forum used the ReVive skincare line, which uses growth factors, and she said she got really good results from them. But if the information below is accurate, then the improvement may be just a temporary illusion, and the growth factors may be actually doing more harm than good.

this is a post fom thr ytf beauty board by Pentacles gives us somthing to think about. SueM

Dr Huber's views on growth factors (TNS, Neocutis,etc) (Skincare (General))
posted by Pentacles, -- Friday, 07/14/06, 4:37 pm

Posted by Richard Huber on July 6, 2006, 5:24 pm, in reply to "Growth factors"

Growth factors are parts of proteins. They are very big polymers, reaching thousands and thousands of daltons in molecular weight - certainly larger than 750 molecular weight. This means they cannot penetrate the skin. Even if they could penetrate the stratum corneum by using ultrasound to force them deep, for example and suddenly found themselves at the door of an emerging cell, these polymer chemicals would be quite unwelcome. They would be regarded as invading substances and create an immediate inflammatory response. The histology in other words would not be going in the positive direction we want.

If you apply these long enough, they will generate more collagen and skin protein because the skin will try to protect itself from inflammation by making protein of a sort, but the new proliferation will not be sustained by increased vascularity and the skin follows a kind of addiction cycle - whenever you withdraw the product the skin will look depleted, usually within a day or two, and so you find yourself driving madly to the dermatologist or whomever to get another vial full.

Incidentally, rubbing your skin vigorously or using hot water will also increase collagen and skin protein, also not sustainable.

On the more worrisome questions of safety that you raise, I wouldn't think these would increase your susceptibility to skin cancer, because they are at worst, just irritants.

I think these products are good smoothing goop. Good for a Saturday Night Special - they smooth out the skin instantly, like egg white, but without the sticky feeling. But they cannot possibly enter into the metabolic cycle of the cell and promote true growth of tissue. So, from a safety standpoint, they just create an addiction response. I don't think that leads to skin cancer. On the other hand, it might be interesting to see the epigenetic aspects of these compounds. Maybe we'll run some assays and see for ourselves.

There could be a lot of unhappy faces in topical product land as this emerging science gets underway around the world. Studies will focus on individual chemicals and their effects on longevity genes.

I would use the growth promoting proteins sparingly. A good foundation powder can usually do a better job without the negative histology. Richard
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

On the subject of growth factors topically, I know many people who have used them. A 63 year old lady growing baby collagen. A Dermascope was used and she was growing collagen. But it could be as you say, growing as a preventive measure.

I do know others who have tried it and broke out in a rash, so what you say may be true.

On the other hand, I know of several people who put drops in their eyes and seven days later, their cataracts were gone with no surgery. I spoke with eye doctor and she said it would be almost impossible for it penetrate the eye.

Hundreds of stories of people who have used growth factors on open cuts and within days, cuts healed with out scarring.

When I had a tooth pulled, the dentist wanted to put a $250 bone graft in. I declined and used growth factors to regrow my gums. When I went back a week later, the dentist was shocked. The gums grew back nicely whihout bone graft or stitiches.
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