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Can't seem to get rid of it.

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Joined: 12 Feb 2008
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Location: Canada

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:49 am    Post subject: Can't seem to get rid of it. Reply with quote

I have never had a problem with acne before. I seemed to have it all under control, however this past september I have had some issues with mine.

Currently, I am using pro active. It seemed to some-what work. (Very slowly!) It took about 2 months to take a good effect on my skin. Now though, it has seemed to stop, and not taken any steps further in helping my skin. If you know what pro active is, I am doing all the steps. I even use the mask for spot treatment at night too. (Which really does nothing, very dissappointing really...)

My problems right now for me is that my skin always seems to be red. Its really embarrasing walking around school and work looking like I am, and not knowing what to do about it. I don't have any pictures of it, but I will do my best to try and describe it. I am still getting larger pimples beneth the surface of my skin, and I am getting alot of white heads on top aswell. On my check, nasel area and spots on my lip are where I get the most, and where it is always red. Sometimes I notice during school that I seem to have a layer of oil on my skin. Thats the best I can do, hopefully someone can tell me whats wrong and how I may correct it.

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Joined: 23 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 12:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If your skin is background red not just with red pimples, that is irritation from the topicals - a typical 'result' from Proactiv.

Deep blue light, 415nm, is shown to kill the acne bacteria and improve acne significantly - it just stops the breakouts. You can buy a lamp with deep blue diodes. Check for more information and don't get sucked into buying expensive units $500 and up. A deep blue diode lamp can be bought for no more than $30. The blue light therapy won't solve the oiliness problem.

Another option is low doses accutane, 10mg/day. Females should not use this if pregnant of planning of becomming pregnant. Spironolactone is an alternative for females. I've been on 10mg/day accutane and the only side effect I had was dry lips - just put vaseline at night, if you miss it, your lips may crack. Low doses accutane do NOT have the side effects of high doses usually prescribed for acne but work effectively anyways. Most of the 'side effects' even of high doses accutane are just media hysteria and bad publicity - the proof is here

Read this blog for low doses accutane

Accutane will solve both the pimples problem and the oiliness. Stop using any topicals while on it, eat lots of fish and green vegetables, apples, kiwis, blue berries and your skin will calm down. Don't eat concentrated sugar like cookies and chocolate. Please don't use face washes or any topical creams while on accutane - topicals just aggravate acne as you already know. The first week on low doses accutane you may experience a mild increase in the pimple formation but that will go away in the second week. At the end of second week your sebum production will be significantly lower and your face won't get oily anymore. Keep the accutane about 6 months. After you stop it, the oiliness or part of it will come back gradually, but hopefully you will be in long term remission of pimples.
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Joined: 01 Jul 2014
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 1:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi First of all you need to describe exactly what is your age ? Moreover this might be due to serum that you have used before. Just stopping something on that particular stage is not the perfect care of something. you must use the nature ways to cure acne. You can also use the natural products like "" for the perfect care and such products don't have any side effects and they are the permanent solution for acne.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2015
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:23 am    Post subject: Get rid of acne problems Reply with quote

I would suggest you to consult with a skin care specialist. You can get rid of acne problems with chemical peel and herbal peel treatments.
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Terrie L

Joined: 05 Dec 2015
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:57 pm    Post subject: AcnEase is the best Acne Treatment around Reply with quote

I too have struggled alot with acne. I even went as far as using proactiv but I soon realized that proactiv dried out my skin. I also found out all the chemicals that were in it and quite frankly it made me sick.

I came across AcnEase and not only is it made of all natural botanical ingrrdients but it's easy to use nor does it dry out the skin!

I wrote a review about it here.
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Joined: 28 Apr 2019
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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 2:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excess oil on the skin, acne causing bacteria, inflammation in the skin and clogged pores. Every one of these is a major factor in causing acne and MUST be treated! I have the same issue and I am using Benzoyl Peroxide which tends to work successfully. You can find more about it on: Good luck!
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Joined: 05 Dec 2020
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Location: india

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2020 7:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Acne is a chronic, phlogistic skin condition that causes spots and pimples, in particular on the face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper arms. Here, I will suggest to you how to remove acne marks naturally:
Apple cider vinegar can be an effective treatment for acne.
Baking Soda to Fade Away the Acne Marks.
Turmeric to Remove Dark Spots and Acne Marks.
Orange Peel Powder Face Mask for Acne Marks.
Potato to Clean your Skin.
Apply a small amount of toothpaste directly to your pimple.
If you want to know more information then go to studio6 clinic.
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