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Can an apple a day keep wrinkles away?

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:41 pm    Post subject: Can an apple a day keep wrinkles away? Reply with quote

I know that the Life Extension Foundation has a skincare product using apple stem cells. I've never really given that approach much thought though; until now.

Here's part of a newsletter I just received from Dr. Al Sears:

Can An Apple And A Daisy Teach
Your Skin To Be Young Again?

If you bit into an Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, you probably wouldn’t like it. It’s not tasty. Its sourness would make your lips pucker. In fact, these trees were almost forgotten. There are only 20 left on the entire planet.1

But these apples can do something unique... Something any woman who has tried to erase the wrinkles time leaves on her face would be envious of...

These apples can heal themselves quickly and thoroughly.

Cut into them... And the apple will swiftly form a new protective layer of skin.

In winter storage, they outlast all other fruits, staying firm and smooth when other apples wrinkle and shrivel.2,3

Now, I’ve traveled around the world, uncovering nutritional treasures... I’ve pioneered formulas that change your cells’ age at the genetic level...

But even these remarkable discoveries pale in comparison to what Swiss scientists have managed to extract from these apples.

Because these scientists didn’t settle for just concentrating this vital apple’s juice... They didn’t just hope for the best by plopping it into a skin cream... They went a step further...

They figured out how to isolate and extract special "signal molecules" that trigger this apple’s healing ability.

With amazing results.

We’re entering into a whole new chapter in natural skin care.

With this new skin care breakthrough,

We Can Now Transfer That Apple’s Wisdom To Your Body

Because of this extraordinary power, when the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple extract became public,

the whole world of elite anti-aging skincare went into a frenzy. I’ll admit, I’m not the only anti-aging expert to jump on it...

Michelle Obama wrote a letter about it... Jennifer Lopez swears by it...Vogue ran a full page article on it...Savvy, beauty-conscious women worldwide are singing its praises.4,5

But there’s one problem...

Most Celebrity Skin Care Formulas Didn’t Go Far Enough!

Most skincare companies stopped short, relying heavily on just the apple extract’s benefits alone to wow their customers.

They neglected to tap into the real newsworthy breakthrough here when it comes to skincare and health.

As someone who has a long history of looking beyond the latest fad, I knew there was something more. So I created a breakthrough anti-aging serum, Renew SCII, that takes full advantage of...

A Natural Skin Care Revolution

See, while this rare apple’s ability to heal itself is extraordinary, the apple really isn’t the star of this show.

The real breakthrough is that scientists have figured out how to transfer plant’s knowledge to your skin.

And Renew SCII taps into the wisdom of not just one but two amazing plants using this breakthrough extraction process...
•Renew SCII helps your skin to glow with the smarts of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple. So your skin stays smooth and supple no matter how many years of wear you’ve got on it..

But there’s more...

Using the same extraction technique, Renew SCII transfers to your skin a hardy alpine daisy’s defensive know-how.

This tiny purple flower- called the globe daisy - blooms despite the extreme weather it endures perched on the side of the Alps.6
• Renew SCII shows your skin how to ward off the ravages of the environment like heat, pollution, wind and sun. So your skin looks radiant and fresh instead of weatherbeaten and - well - old.

This combination gives your skin the power to glow no matter your age or the environment you live in.
•It is everything your aging skin craves to make it radiant and beautiful.

Together These Two Extracts Allow Your Skin To Radiate

Nothing in skincare promises to bring your skin this close to the glory days of childhood -

naturally and safely.

You’re probably already imagining what it would be like to see wrinkles start to fade as your skin becomes more vibrant and elastic, stretching taut across your face...

But I’m sure you’re also a little skeptical - the world of skincare is full of promises.

And too many times these promises fall flat when you look in the mirror and see the same skin, the same lines, the same blemishes and dullness.

So let’s step back a moment... Let me explain how your skin works... and why these extractions wake up your skin’s ability to keep itself young and beautiful unlike any other skin care ingredients...

For The First Time, We Know How Skin Regenerates

Until recently, scientists have not been able to agree about how the skin works.

But then in June, 2013 Dr. Xinshan Li and a team of researchers at Sheffield University in England changed that. They showed incontrovertibly how your skin renews itself.7

See, battered by the environment, the cells at the surface of your skin are constantly dividing to replace themselves.

However, there’s only so many times each of these surface cells can divide before they give out.

That’s where a special group of cells hidden in the deeper layers of your skin comes in... Unlike the cells near the surface, these hidden cells don’t divide much at all. They mostly "sleep". They only "wake up" and start dividing if your skin suffers a serious wound. Or to replenish the stock of quickly dividing skin cells near the surface.

Then these special cells- called stem cells - rouse themselves. And start a whole new line of skin cells.

If you didn’t have the stem cells deep inside your skin, it wouldn’t take long for your skin to fall apart and die.

But thankfully, because you have these stem cells, your skin can keep bringing new life to the surface. Your skin can consistently recharge your skin’s outer layers with new cell lines.8

The problem is over time, this population of skin stem cells dwindles away.9

That’s why as we get older our skin doesn’t heal as quickly. That’s why you start to see more wrinkles... more blemishes... more bags and sags.

If you could only keep the numbers of these cells up, you could keep your skin not just young "looking" but biologically young.

But unfortunately, no one could figure out how to maintain their numbers better or replenish them.

That is until now...
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Emily Kristina wrote:
An apple a day does keep the doctor away as apples have numerous health benefits that will keep diseases at bay such as LDL cholesterol due to the presence of the pectin fibre. Apple pectin was used as a cleaning agent in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear accident to reduce the traces of cesium and Strontium.

Actually this isn't about eating apples; it's about applying apple stem cells to the skin topically.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are many major differences between animal and plant stem cells, including what growth factors and other signals they produce and respond to. It is not at all clear that plant stem cells will be of much benefit to human skin cells. It is possible but needs to demonstrated in good published studies. Are there any?
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

drtodorov wrote:
There are many major differences between animal and plant stem cells, including what growth factors and other signals they produce and respond to. It is not at all clear that plant stem cells will be of much benefit to human skin cells. It is possible but needs to demonstrated in good published studies. Are there any?

I don't know yet if there are any good published studies about this. I'll go back and read the entire newsletter sent to me by Dr. Al Sears and see if he lists any. Thanks
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What I show below isn't from Dr. Sears newsletter. It's from the site of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. I couldn't list the references though, due to the fact that they have websites:

Stem cells in skin care...What does it really mean?

Posted on March 23, 2009, 11:20 a.m. in Aesthetic MedicineAgingClinical Research AbstractsGenetic ResearchLongevity and Age ManagementMen's HealthPost CategoriesSkin-HairStem CellStem Cell ResearchWomen's Health

By Jeanette Jacknin M.D.

Dr Jacknin will be speaking about Cosmaceuticals at the upcoming 17th World Congress on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine in Orlando, Florida, April 23-25, 2009.

Stem cells have recently become a huge buzzword in the skincare world. But what does this really mean? Skincare specialists are not using embryonic stem cells; it is impossible to incorporate live materials into a skincare product. Instead, companies are creating products with specialized peptides and enzymes or plant stem cells which, when applied topically on the surface, help protect the human skin stem cells from damage and deterioration or stimulate the skin's own stem cells. National Stem Cell was one of the few companies who actually incorporated into their skin care an enzyme secreted from human embryonic stem cells, but they are in the process of switching over to use non-embryonic stem cells from which to take the beneficial enzyme.

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. When a stem cell divides, it can remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a skin cell. There are two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult.

Embryonic stem cells are exogenous in that they are harvested from outside sources, namely, fertilized human eggs. Once harvested, these pluripotent stem cells are grown in cell cultures and manipulated to generate specific cell types so they can be used to treat injury or disease.

Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult or multipotent stem cells are endogenous. They are present within our bodies and serve to maintain and repair the tissues in which they are found. Adult stem cells are found in many organs and tissues, including the skin. In fact, human skin is the largest repository of adult stem cells in the body. Skin stem cells reside in the basal layer of the epidermis where they remain dormant until they are activated by tissue injury or disease. 1

There is controversy surrounding the use of stem cells, as some experts say that any product that claims to affect the growth of stem cells or the replication process is potentially dangerous, as it may lead to out-of-control replication or mutation. Others object to using embryonic stem cells from an ethical point of view. Some researchers believe that the use of stem cell technology for a topical, anti-aging cosmetic trivializes other, more important medical research in this field.

The skin stem cells are found near hair follicles and sweat glands and lie dormant until they "receive" signals from the body to begin the repair mode. In skincare, the use of topical products stimulates the stem cell to split into two types of cells: a new, similar stem cell and a "daughter" cell, which is able to create almost every kind of new cell in a specialized system. This means that the stem cell can receive the message to create proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to help repair fine lines, wrinkles and restore and maintain firmness and elasticity.1

First to the market in Britain in April 2007 and the U.S. was ReVive's Peau Magnifique, priced at a staggering £1,050. Manufacturers claim it uses an enzyme called telomerase to "convert resting adult stem cells to newly-minted skin cells' and 'effectively resets your skin's "ageing clock" by a minimum of five years'. The product claims long-term use 'will result in a generation of new skin cells, firmer skin with a 45 per cent reduction in wrinkles and increased long-term skin clarity'. Peau Magnifique is the latest in a line of products developed by Dr Gregory Bays Brown, a former plastic surgeon.

In the course of his research into healing burns victims, Dr Brown discovered a substance called Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that is released in the body when there is an injury, and, when applied to burns or wounds, dramatically accelerates the healing process. He believed the same molecule could be used to regenerate ageing skin and went on to develop ReVive, a skincare range based around it. 2

Hot on the heels of Peau Magnifique was Amatokin by Voss Laboratories. Amatokin was marketed by the same people behind the StriVectin craze and launched exclusively at Bloomingdale's. Amatokin works by stimulating the adult stem cell reservoirs in our skin to help rejuvenate it. From the day we are born, our skin experiences the incremental and cumulative effects of intrinsic and extrinsic aging. When we are young, stem cell utilization for skin rejuvenation functions efficiently. As we age, it reduces significantly. Given the proper environment, these inherent stem cell reservoirs can be stimulated to renew the skin. 3

Studies show that aging and damage from UV rays and pollution cause a decrease in stem-cell production. Pincelli and LVMH laboratories in 2008 identified key ingredients with the ability to protect the stem cells from external factors and produced Dior's Capture R60/80 XP In lab tests, skin samples collected from cosmetic-surgery patients showed more stem cells in the areas where cream had been applied. because it protects existing stem cells from damage, not because it increased the number of stem cells.. Says Dr. Pincelli 'That power is absolutely vital for epidermal regeneration and for maintaining the skin's youthful appearance'. 4

According to Petrikovsky, fetal skin heals in a completely different way to adult

"Adult skin heals via an inflammatory response, involving macrophages and type 1 collagen. On the other hand, fetal skin, when it is healing, relies heavily on the skin's stem cells and fibroblasts". One of the most important differences between adult and fetal skin is the fact that fetal skin heals without scarring. A wrinkle is a small wound, For this reason Petrikovsky has been looking at ways we can activate the adult stem cells in the skin to perform in similar ways to those in fetal skin. One substance he has found that can upregulate the stem cell activity of adult skin is Peptide 199, an amino acid chain derived from the Wharton Jelly, a gelatinous substance found in the umbilical cord. This upregulation ensures the fibroblast dominance over the inflammatory process during skin repair, mimicking the process that occurs in fetal skin, healing without a scar or wrinkle.5

Emerge Labs new Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum allows plant stem cells to preserve and protect skin stem cells. PhytoCellTech® - a novel plant cell culture technology has been invented to cultivate dedifferentiated callus cells from a rare Swiss apple. These apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, assuring the longevity of skin cells. The Skin Stem Cell Serum protects longevity and combats chronological aging while delaying senescence of skin cells, preserving the youthful look and vitality of one's skin.

The Institute for Biotechnological Research (IRB) has released an anti-aging ingredient based on edelweiss stem cells. "As edelweiss grows in harsh climates it is obliged to produce a number of active substances that help protect against the elements such as UV rays," IRB's Francesca Melandri says. The edelweiss active harnesses the protective substances the plant uses to defend itself against harsh climatic and environmental conditions and uses them to protect the skin,. According to the Italian company. the ingredient, Leontopodium alpinum stems, has high concentrations of leontopodic acids A and B which have strong antioxidant properties. IRB also claims the product has strong anti-collagenase and hyaluronidase actvity, therefore helping to limit the degradation of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

The company uses what it refers to as its HTN technology to produce the ingredients in industrial quantities. A small amount of plant biomass is chopped into tiny pieces and placed in a culture medium. Damaging the plant in this way causes the cells that surround the damage to de-differentiate (to turn back into stem cells) and form a wound healing tissue called the callus.

The callus is then harvested and grown in a cell culture medium and from this IRB obtains the plant stem cells and consequently the secondary metabolites they need for their products.

Although the technology is well known, the challenge lies in successfully scaling up the production of the stem cells to industrial quantities - a problem IRB claims to have solved with its HTN technology. 6

XTEMcell Stem Cell SkinCare has come out with its Cell Renewal Night Cream, Reset Serum, Cell Rebuilding Daytime Cream, and Repair Eye Contour Cream

According to the company, XtemCell's Patented Stem Cell Technology uses active plant cells from rare, 100% organic, nutrient-rich plants to create new cells of the highest in purity and nutrients. These new cells are able to deliver high concentrations of lipids, proteins, amino-acids and phytoalexins. They are easily absorbed into the outermost cells of the epidermis, allowing for almost immediate skin cell renewal, nutrient absorption, and an increase in the skin's level of filaggrin proteins. According to the company, "conventional plant cell extraction is only able to obtain these nutrients in smaller and far less potent quantities. Traditional plant cell cloning uses harsh chemicals or pollutants to reproduce active cells.

XTEMcell products are made from cloned stem cells from the date palm, chosen for cloning because of its unparalleled ability to live and thrive in the desert in the driest, most arid areas and be able to remain hydrated and conserve water. Xtemcell cloned these desirable properties and created a series of age-maintenance skincare products that contain 100% organic stem cells that promote a superior moisturization of the skin.

National Stem Cell is pursuing a different route to younger looking skin. It's subsidiary Decouverte Cosmetique is producing anti-aging products that incorporate tropelastin secreted from human embryonic stem cells. National Stem Cell changed its name to Proteonomix a month after launching a stem cell based cosmeceutical line in Aug 2008.7

The company claims the ingredient enhances the natural formation of collagen and binds with existing protein chains in the skin to make it appear smoother and firmer.

Tropelastin already affects skin appearance naturally in pregnant women. The inspiration for the products came from the natural glow of women post-conception, caused by the release of the chemical from embryonic stem cells.

The company says that the products escape the health risk warning flags out because they do not affect the growth of stem cells. However, the products formulated by Decouverte Cosmetique may be particularly controversial from an ethical or moral point of view because the active ingredient is sourced from human embryonic stem cells. However, National Stem Cell says that all the stem cells used were harvested before 2001 and none were destroyed or created in the development of the products. The company is also in the final stages of discovering how to source the key material from non-embryonic stem cells thereby weakening the ethical barrier to commercialization. 8

Thus we can see that there are already many choices in skin care products with specialized peptides and enzymes or plant stem cells which, when applied topically stimulate the skin's own stem cells. Expect many more good choices to be developed in the years to come!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

drtodorov wrote:
There are many major differences between animal and plant stem cells, including what growth factors and other signals they produce and respond to. It is not at all clear that plant stem cells will be of much benefit to human skin cells. It is possible but needs to demonstrated in good published studies. Are there any?

Here's the rest of the newsletter from Dr. Sears, but I haven't found any scientific studies yet, except maybe in the footnotes, which I can't list here due to the websites listed.

The Secret Language Of Cells

You and I both know we can’t talk to our stem cells and get them to step it up a notch.

But plants can.

More specifically, plant stem cells can.

It turns out our cells and plant cells speak basically the same language. They speak a language made up of signal molecules.

Remember that rare Swiss apple that seemed to stay forever young? And that daisy that bloomed beautifully despite the roughest alpine weather?

The cells from those plants have their own "language" to signal what they do.

It’s actually pretty simple.

They cut the apple. And just as the apple starts to regrow the new skin, they take those cells and grow them into a larger culture.

Essentially, they’ve captured the cells at the moment they are spreading the word to rebuild and renew.

Out of this culture they get not only the regenerative cells, but also the signal molecules that tell the cells to renew.10

Of course all this sounds good... but does this really work?

Scientists Demonstrate Amazing Results
With New Plant Extracts

Well here’s the proof of how good this is...

Researchers mixed some of the apple extract with a culture of human stem cells taken from an umbilical cord.

The apple extract just about doubled the number of stem cells
in the culture!11

But researchers didn’t stop there. They wanted to see what happens when the stem cells are being attacked... what would happen if they used UV light to damage the stem cells... would the apple extract make a difference?

When exposed to UV light, 50% of the stem cells died.

But when they added the apple extract, a tiny number - less than 10% - died.

Even with damaging UV light,
almost twice as many stem cells survived thanks to the apple extract!12

The amazing results kept coming... the apple extract seemed to turn on genes that prevented stem cell death...protect cells against free radical destruction... and even repaired their DNA!

And when 20 volunteers used the extract on their skin, the results were indisputable...

100% of the volunteers saw their wrinkles noticeably smoothed away after just 28 days!13

Researchers saw equally stunning results with the extract from the alpine flower...

The alpine flower extract more than doubled the number of human stem cells in the test cultures...14

This same extract:

Increased the number of skin cells in test cultures;15

Stimulated the production of a protein (sirtuin-1) essential for skin longevity;16,17 and

Sped up skin’s production of the super antioxidant SOD that protects against damage and hypersensitivity.18,19,20

When volunteers used this on their skin, they saw more beautiful, luminous skin. Less redness and blemishes. More smooth, radiant beauty.21

In fact even smokers saw significant changes in their skin thanks to this extract.22

As one researcher explained, this mountain flower extract is like a self-defense class for your skin cells!23

It tells your cells how to step up their self-protection.

No other ingredient can do this for your skin.

Imagine what your skin would look like if you could double the amount of regenerative stem cells you had...

Imagine if you could help your stem cells resist UV or free radical damage...

Just with these two ingredients alone – two ingredients that complement each other so beautifully – you can...

Transform Your Skin By Reminding It
How To Be Young And Supple

With these two extracts alone you’d love what you’d see in the mirror...

But I’m not one to give you an incomplete formulation.

That’s why I included some additional ingredients that will complement the work of these two special plant extracts...

Renew SCII gives your skin a complete formula to...

Fight Off Damaging Free Radicals

Free radicals are perhaps one of the biggest threats to your skin’s health, breaking down the molecules that hold your skin together.
• Renew SCII’s Japanese Green Tea extract, Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin CandL-Carnosine support your skin’s endless battle against free radicals.

Replenish Your Skin’s Natural Healthy Ecology

Instead of using harsh preservatives and antibacterial chemicals like some skincare products, Renew SCII nourishes a healthy skin ecology with yogurt and fermented radish extract.

These two skin-ecology supporting ingredients help keep your skin tone even, rebalance your skin’s natural pH and moisture.24,25

And without moisture, good nutrition and probiotics can’t do their job. That’s why Renew SCII also helps your skin...

Hold On To Every Drop Of Water, Just Like A Baby’s Skin

Your skin’s most precious nutrient is water.
• Renew SCII helps your skin hold moisture in by nourishing its outer layers with rich Moroccan argan nut oil and a special mixture of skin-healthy oils called ceramides.
• Renew SCII gives your skin more hyaluronic acid (HA). HA, found in high concentrations in a baby’s skin, forms a special water-holding matrix.26 So your skin can hold onto every drop of moisture you bring in.

Experience An Instant "Face Lift"

•Extracts from yeast and DMAE help fuel skin cells making the appearance look firm…
•And a special microalgae extract combined with special sugars gives you almost instant results. Within minutes of application you’ll feel your skin tauten up.27

You’ll redefine your face with your cheekbones and beautiful brows - not with lines and bags.

And unlike other quick fixes like Botox, these skin tighteners are healthy and safe. In fact your whole experience with Renew SCII will be enjoyable...

Renew SCII Feels Good
On Your Skin!

When you smooth Renew SCII on, your skin will feel clean and fresh. Never greasy or oily. No irritation like those Retinol-infused products... no skin dandruff from too much exfoliation... no redness... no dryness.

Your skin will drink it up, almost sighing with delight...

Sensitive skin... oily skin... delicate older skin... it doesn’t matter what your skin type, you’ll enjoy how it feels.

The beautiful thing about the Renew SCII approach is that it works with your skin, nourishing it and guiding it. Not manhandling it like so many rough anti-aging lotions do.

Renew SCII gives your skin a gentle, complete and effective formula for beating back the claws of time and the savage attacks of the environment.

It’s got everything your skin needs to rediscover its youth... and revel in it. So now let me ask you an important question:

What Is Beauty And Youthfulness Worth To You?

Some people think investing in your looks is frivolous. I disagree whole heartedly.

Why else would powerful, famous women pay $935 for a 50 ml bottle of the latest fad - Cult 51 skin cream? Or a more modest $290 for a 30 ml bottle of De La Mer Essence serum - the biggest rage among beauty mavens.

Savvy women like you know investing in their beauty is invaluable. It changes how people treat you. It changes how you feel about yourself.

And this self-confidence – in turn – goes full circle back into how people respond to you.

But while I think beauty and youthful, healthy skin is an invaluable asset, I don’t think you need to waste money on useless ingredients like Cult 21’s diamond dust or the puffed-up brand recognition like De La Mer!

No, I look for functionality. And as a smart woman, focused on natural health and beauty, I know you’re looking for the same thing.

That’s why we made sure to give you only premium ingredients - the most powerful natural anti-aging ingredients available - and nothing more. Our price reflects that focus on results.

With Renew SCII,
•You get more anti-aging power – with TWO revolutionary stem cell plant extracts, along with special skin-soothing ingredients like yogurt and Japanese green tea – without the hype.
•You get a formula so powerful and so technologically advanced, just a few dabs can transform your skin.

And you’ll save a boatload of money, too.

And unlike these overpriced, overhyped fads, I’m happy to make this exceptional "super-formula" available to you at a significantly lower price.

In essence, you get the confidence and respect that comes with radiant beauty for less than it costs to enjoy dinner for two and a bottle of wine at your favorite restaurant.

In other words - for the cost of a night out on the town, you’ll get a celebrity-endorsed beauty transformation of a lifetime...

Clearly an easy choice for a woman who knows how much beauty counts.

See For Yourself How Renew SCII Recharges
and Revitalizes Your Skin Completely RISK-FREE

You know not everyone’s skin is the same. So you may be thinking, "What if I try this, and once again I’m disappointed?"

That’s why – unlike so many companies – I offer a full no questions asked, no time limit guarantee.

I love hearing from women who have discovered Renew SCII. I love hearing how it has changed not only their skin... but their life and how they feel about themselves.

They feel more confident... more beautiful... more glamorous.

And they get noticed a lot more often.

I love hearing stories of women kindling a new fire in their marriage sparked by how radiant they feel... Or women who report they’ve gained an edge at work thanks to their new self-confidence...

I know how well Renew SCII works. I know how beauty changes everything in how you present yourself and how others react to you.

And I’d hate for you to miss out trying it for yourself because you were worried about wasting your money.

Because I know you’ll be ecstatic when you try this, I’m happy to take the risk away from you.

My Full Satisfaction Guarantee - No Questions, No Time Limits

I promise you Renew SCII will...

Transform the way your skin behaves, reminding it of its youth so you’ll see wrinkles smoothed away significantly and your skin tone become soft and even

Nourish your skin with natural and potent anti-aging ingredients

Make you feel 10 years younger - with the confidence and joy that comes with it

If it doesn’t do this to your satisfaction, you can send me back the empty bottle or bottles at any time and get a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping and handling.

I’m that confident that you’re going to love what you see happening to your skin once you try it.

Exclusive Pre-Order Opportunity To Secure Your Bottles Now!

The buzz from my patients is creating a buying frenzy, so I want to give you, my valued readers, an opportunity to Pre-Order, and you’ll be guaranteed to receive my advanced new breakthrough formula, Renew SCII.

But there’s more…..

With your Exclusive Pre-Order, I’ll offer you a generous Pre-Order savings on my BEST DEAL AND a special gift: My just-released special report “Unlocking The Beauty Code: The Genetic Secret To Staying Younger Longer” (a $19.99 value). With this gift, you’ll get a complete beauty transformation package.

Each of the offers below comes with the same full satisfaction, no time limit guarantee.

As you can see now, this is an offer too good to pass up.

With my full satisfaction guarantee and an exclusive Pre-Order opportunity with special savings and a free gift, you now have no reason not to see how Renew SCII can transform your skin.

Bring your skin back to its youthful glory days . . . enjoy that delicious feeling of watching old friends do a double-take when they see you . . .

Enjoy the confidence that comes with Renew SCII...

To Living A Beautiful Life,

Al Sears, MD
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