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Agireline - Quantity

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:53 am    Post subject: Agireline - Quantity Reply with quote

I'm trying, like many to determine how much of the actual base peptide(s) are in Matrixyl and Matrixyl - 3000.

I recently went through this with Argireline.

I purchased one kg. of Argireline from the exclusive US distributor. The C of A reports a concentration of 0.05 Argireline Power in H2O with Phenonip as a preservative. This is the only concentration of Argireline distributed by the manufacturer .

The original tests by the manufacturer were with 10% solutions of the 0.05% solution (or 0.005% active base). Here's a link:

I've seen quite a bit of writing, some from reputable sources, assuming that the tests were performed with 10% of the pure powder, then stating the 0.05% times x% figure for final products. These are erroneous. A 10% concentration of pure powder acetyl hexapeptide-3 would probably be dangerous in contact with skin.

The o.05% solution is sealed at the manufacturer, Lipotech SA, in Spain in 1kg containers and shipped to its distributors. It is not opened by the distributors.

More importantly, any reference seen in a final product or ingredient suppliers offering will be to the 0.05% standardized solution. The manufacturer requires any reseller to use this as a basis for declaring relative volume.

It could admittedly be confusing as both the pure powder and the solution are named "Argireline".

Matrixyl and Matrixyl - 3000 have been far more elusive. The offerings of the sinle peptide Matrixyl seem to have vanished from availability and now the generic version mysteriously appears on the skin actives site:

But neither skinactives nor the original manufacturer of Matrixyl will disclose the base powder amount that is in their one peptide concoction. Skinactives refers to how much of their preperation it would take to equal the amount of a matrixyl sublicence's product. But then that product doesn't even make reference to the amount of the dilute Matrixyl solution they use. Skinactives must have reverse engineered the products or obtained the data in some other way.

Now Matrixyl - 3000 seems to have taken Matrixyl's place.

[side issue - the manufacturers c of a posted for lotioncrafters resale of matrixyl 3000 refers to it as a "gel containing 2 peptides". Elsewhere on this site I've seen references to 3, including the original palmitoyl pentapeptide plus 2 newbees - which is correct].

I imagine (ie guess) that, like Argireline, they have one standard dilution of the ingredients for both Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000.

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