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Plz help dry skin + more.

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2006 10:59 pm    Post subject: Plz help dry skin + more. Reply with quote

I had back acne pretty bad. So I took accutane when I was 18. I use to have oily skin now its just dry. I'm 21 years old male and my skin is really bothering me now.

For months I used Cetaphil cream to help but it still would be dry. I finally saw a dermatologist which said my face was probably inflammed and I would need to use a cream on and off every 2 weeks maybe but i should try it. So she prescribed this cream mixture called IC ALCLOMETASONE D/KETOCINAZOLE 2 AND SOME SHAMPOO TOO. So I started using the cream only and stopped my other skin care moisturizer,the cetaphil. I used it for about a month until it ran out. Everyday all over my face most days once but some days twice. The only area that still remained somewhat dry was around my nose.

However, my skin may not have been dry but its not looking its best. I have realized over the past year or so many many lines and blemishes and imperfections on my skin that really bother me. Especially around my cheeks. I'm very subconscience. So my cream ran out and over a week I started using Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser and cetaphil facial lotion with spf 15. Slowly my skin got dryer and dryer day by day. And yesterday omg my face was so red and burning maybe from the cleaners. I just don't know and burning. So i grabbed my perscription and scraped what I could of the side and used. tHen bought some more cetaphil cream which I think helps more than the lotion and used that. My face is still red but getting better I think.

Anyway i'm so sick of this I just want a routine I can follow that will work for me and make my skin look good. I'm so focused on this and I stare at everyones skin I see and try to compare myself. I am only 21 and don't want these facial imperfections or dryness. It really depresses me and I get really subconscience. :(

Anyway since I ran out of my cream and my skins been dry still I made another appointment which I have this friday. What should I ask the dermatologist about because last time it was in and out try this bye bye. I'm concerned about my dryness and facial blemishes.

Also, do you guys have any skin care regiment by naming specific products and how many times a day and when I should use. BEcause i just want to get a skin care regiment that will work for me so I can stop worrying about this stuff. I think I may be doing more damage with all this skin care stuff but I dont know. SOMEONE PLZ HELP
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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2006 12:44 pm    Post subject: skin care Reply with quote

have you tried Dermalogica skin care products? They have an anti-bac skin wash and acne skin kit that may help your problem...check out my website
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