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Some skin care questions. PLZ help a newbie out!!

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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 12:15 pm    Post subject: Some skin care questions. PLZ help a newbie out!! Reply with quote

I'm a 22 year old male and started using a cleanser a about 6 months ago. however it irritates my skin. I've been using Cetaphil Cleanser and just realize that it contains the worst chemical product that may be damaging my skin. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Can someone recommend a better cleanser that has non harmful ingrediants.

I also use head and shoulders shampoo but this also has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can someone recommend a better product?

Currently my skin care routine is that I take a shower at night. Cleanse(need a new cleanser) and then when I get out I apply Cetaphil moistuizing cream. Is this cream also harmful with bad ingrediants. Can anyone confirm or deny or recommend a better product.

I maybe overly obsessive about my skin. I examine it pretty thouroughly multiple times a day. whenever I come in contact with a mirror. And well I wouldn't say its bad I want it improved. I feel it should be better for someone who is 22. But all the products I use seem to just irrate or make things worse. Complexion is fine and I rarely have acne. However I notice small lines on my checks and forhead. The lines on my checks bother me a lot. I maybe overly obsessive with them. I think everyone has them to some degree but I have more than most on my cheek area. and it looks so bad when sun is shinning threw my window in the bathroom and i'm looking in the mirror. Its depressing.

Am I being crazy. Am I overly concerned. What products and skin care regiment should I follow?

I want to also start using sun screen every day. I've never really used it in my life. So maybe I have some sun damage. I never really went to the beach much or bathed out in the sun. I'd much prefer to use the spray sun block that I see in stores. Is this stuff effective? and what Brand would you recommend.

Any help would be appreciated. Sometimes I think I worry to much about my skin but who knows.

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You've answered your own question about maybe being obsessive about your skin. It sounds like you're panicking and I think you need to slow down a bit.

You should be using a good sun block/screen everyday. It's the most important preventative measure anyone can take. I don't have any recommendations because I'm quite new to this site too.

I hope the Doctor and others have some suggestions for you, but my advise at this stage would be not to apply much to your skin at all (other than a sun block/screen) and allow it to rest. The last thing you want to do is upset the natural chemical balance. As a guy you have an advantage over women because our skin has more natural preservatives in it and dries out less.

It would seem that topical vitamins C and E are the best way forward for maintaining your skin, but keep asking the experts on here and learn as much as you can before you start.

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