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27 yo getting fat injections, what do you think you think?

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 12:17 pm    Post subject: 27 yo getting fat injections, what do you think you think? Reply with quote

I have a friend who just turned 27 and, in my opinion, is going a bit plastic surgery crazy. I find it a bit odd, because at 26, I don't know anyone my age getting anything like this done. Seems unneccessary, and I was wondering if as she ages, the work will change and she will be left with a bad result. I thought it may be possible, especially if the surgery is really in actuality unneccessary.

Okay, she is getting a nose job first. That is totally different. But she is getting fat taken out of her stomach and inserted into her cheeks and into her "naso-labial folds" (I put that in quotations because she doesn't really have any). I have tried to encourage her, if she is set upon doing this, to try out less invasive, shorter lasting options first, such as temporary fillers, to make sure it is really what she wants since she is so set on doing this. But she is set on the fat injections. Don't they only last a couple years anyway?

I just wanted to know what others think about this and what the results may be for someone of that age who has basically imagined these problems. It seems to be all she thinks about, and I really think she has a serious problem. All she cares about is her appearance and plastic surgery, and she has a lot of anxiety because of it. I would think the key to aging well would be to find something in life that offers you fulfillment and live a healthy lifestyle (she smokes, doesn't eat the best...).

She thinks having this done will make her look 18 or 19 again and that is what she wants more than anything. I told her that it is inevitable that she will age, and yeah...I know it is hard to believe, but she doesn't believe me. She thinks if she just stops smoking and keeps doing things in the future, she seriously will not age. Isn't she setting herself up for disappoint with this set of expectations?
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Your friend is definitely setting herself up for disappointment. Aging is inevitable no matter what you do and plastic surgery wont really make you look younger but instead better. I mean look at angelina jolie, demi moore - they are both beautiful and look fantastic for their age, but would either pass for 25? no. If your friend is doing this to look 19 again she needs to rethink her expectations.

however, I dont think she is too young for fat injections. I have deep nasolabial folds and even 1 marionette line because of weight gain/loss and thick skin that doesnt stretch and shrink well. I've been getting juvederm since I was 18 (I'm several years younger than your friend) but have fat injections scheduled for next month.

As far as how long they will last - every person is different. The success rate is typically about 30-50%. If successful, most of the fat will last about 10 years, otherwise it will be reabsorbed in 3-6 months. My plastic surgeon developed a new method of extracting the fat and he has a 75-80% success rate but it's never guaranteed. They usually overfill a little since you'll never get 100% of the fat to stick.
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