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Psychodermatology: New Skincare Frontier

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:52 pm    Post subject: Psychodermatology: New Skincare Frontier Reply with quote

A little bit has been said about this topic on this forum, but not much considering how important it may be in terms of skincare. Here's an excerpt from the current issue of the Life Extension Foundation, from their website. When it comes to skincare, psychodermatology can be a lot more challenging to put into effect than just buying and applying a topical product. But maybe the rewards can be greater. One alarming thing they mention in this article is the damage that excess amounts of cortisol can do to the collagen in your skin. So I guess taking a trip to Hawaii (or wherever) can actually be good for your skin.

Psychodermatology: A New Approach to Protect the Skin

By Romy Fox

Have you ever noticed how different a person’s facial expression is when they are fatigued or under stress? A rested-relaxed person can appear years younger compared to when they are fatigued and/or stressed.

With the newly emerging field of psychodermatology, scientists are realizing that protecting our skin from accelerated aging is not just about using external sun blocks and moisturizers. Studies show that our emotions, particularly stressful ones, can unleash a torrent of free radicals and stress hormones such as cortisol that not only age our skin but cause a wide range of allergic and inflammatory skin ailments.1,2 Dermatologists are now recognizing that when emotions such as stress and anxiety are creating havoc within the skin, there is little in their pharmacopeia that can solve the problem. It is at the junction of the skin that physicians and psychiatrists truly see the interaction of the mind/body connection.

Protecting the skin from aging and disease is a two-fold process that involves addressing both internal and external factors. Fortunately, there are compelling data that a number of herbal compounds can provide important protection against the onslaught of psychodermatological issues.

The good news is that a new oral supplement features a unique combination of three herbal extracts to help protect skin from the inside out. The first two ingredients relieve the damage that emotional stress can inflict on the skin while providing powerful antioxidant protection against skin-destroying free radicals. The third is a fern plant extract that acts as an “internal sunscreen” providing protection against solar ray damage. Together, these scientifically proven ingredients can help offset the harmful effects of sunlight and stress for healthy, younger-looking skin.
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