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Common skin care ingredients -- C

Caffeine: used to alleviate puffiness under eyes.

Camphor: a cooling agent; may help alleviate the symptoms of itching and irritation.

Carbomers (934, 940, 941, 980, 981): stabilizers and thickeners common in skin care products.

Carmine: red pigment; found in many mascaras; can be irritating.

Cellulose: polymer from plant cell walls; used as a thickener and emulsifier.

Ceramides: epidermal hydrating agent; expensive due to scarcity.

Ceteareth: cetearyl and stearyl alcohols combined for use as a lubricant.

Cetyl Alcohol: lubricant and emulsifier. Nonirritating, nondrying, noncomedogenic.

Cocoa butter: Vegetable fat solid at room temperature but liquid at body temperature. Due to this property often used in lip balms and massage creams. Considered comedogenic and may also (rarely) cause allergy.

Collagen: the main supporting fiber located within the dermis, gives strength and provides structure. You cannot replace lost collagen by simply applying it to your skin due to its large molecule size. However, topical collagen can act as a moisturizing agent.

Cyclic Acid: a new term for Hyaluronic Acid, an effective humectant/moisturizing agent.

Cyclomethicone: form of silicone; gives products a smooth texture; noncomedogenic.


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If you cannot find something in our glossary or if you require more detailed information on individual ingredients, we recommend an in-depth reference Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary.

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