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Common skin care ingredients -- E

Ecamsule: UV radiation blocker used in sunscreens (see ecamsule fact-sheet)

EDTA: preservative; slows down degradation (e.g. oxidation) of ingredients by chelating (grabbing and shielding) catalytic trace metals; may cause contact dermatitis.

Elastin: a fiber within the dermis similar to collagen, gives support and "snap" to the skin. In topicals, it cannot penetrate the skin, but does have moisturizing effect.

Ellagic Acid: naturally occurring ingredient; helps inhibit the formation of sun and age spots.

Ensulizole: UV radiation blocker used in sunscreens (see ensulizole fact-sheet)

Ethyl Alcohol: aka rubbing alcohol or ethanol; has antibacterial activity; usually too strong for regular use in cosmetics; very drying at high concentrations; sometimes used in astringents and toners. Use moisturizer after using anything with ethanol.


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If you cannot find something in our glossary or if you require more detailed information on individual ingredients, we recommend an in-depth reference Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary.

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