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Skin Care Review: Differin

by Paula Feldman, Chicago, IL USA


Differin helps my skin look a bit clearer.

For the first four months, my acne was far worse.

I have been using Differin (adapalene) 0.1% cream for six months, at night, with a doctor's prescription, in combination with an antibiotic + benzoyl peroxide day cream. I'm a 32-year-old woman with fair, sensitive, combination skin and adult acne, including very oily skin on my "T-zone" and very dry, sensitive skin on my cheeks. I used Retin-A for years and it didn't totally clear up my face, though it did redden and peel my sensitive skin. My dermatologist thought Differin would work better. Unfortunately, while it does help, it really doesn't tackle the problem thoroughly. I still have acne. The skin texture changed--the pimples are small and spread over my whole forehead and the blackheads have lessened and softened, while overall my skin is less red and no longer peeling--but I'd hoped for fairly clear skin, and this cream doesn't give me that. With no medication, I'd give my skin a C-; with Retin-A it was a B-, and with Differin it ranges from B to C. The biggest drawback was that it made my skin much worse for the first four months. I've been using prescription and OTC acne medications for 18 years. Really, they don't solve my acne problem, and dosing my skin with chemicals all the time has made it worse. I read Perricone's book, The Acne Prescription, and while I think his skin care line is over-hyped and too costly, I think he's right that acne is a systemic illness caused by inflammation. The best thing you can do for acne is change your lifestyle: eat a non-inflammatory diet (plenty of fish and fresh veggies, little or no refined sugar or starch, whole grains in moderation) and do gentle, regular exercise like yoga. Drink lots of pure water and sleep very well. Reduce stress as much as possible. Acne is your body telling you its needs are not being met.

Change your diet, sleep well, and cut down stress. Try an anti-inflammatory diet.

Price (paid by reviewer)
$20 insurance copayment

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