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Skin Care Review: Clinique 3 step system

by Lady Jade, FL U.S


Smooth, clean, and soft skin


I have been using clinique three step system for almost a year. The regimen pack consists of a cleansing bar, revitalizing toner, and moisturizer. I only bought the product once, this hints on how LONG the product lasts. Plus, I had been sharing it with my sister! This is a plus, since your getting your money's worth. The only thing that runs out fastis the mosturizer (probably b/c of my sharing) -- WHICH IS TOTALLY AWESOME!! The skin care product has THREE SKIN TYPE LINES -- for Dry skin (step 1), Normal skin (Step 2), and Oily skin (Step 3)! Make SURE you pick the RIGHT SKIN TYPE or else your face will SUFFER HORRIBLY. If you don't know your skin type, a clinique worker will assist you in findind the line right for you! I have oily skin (step 3), well, I have skin that LOOKS oily, but feels dry as hell (I know most people have this)! This does not matter! You're skin is still oily--no matter how dry it feels! The moisturizing gel is magnificent-NO OIL! This comes from a person who gets oily skin from ANY OIL FREE MOISTURIZER!! I was a REAL SKEPTIC, but this product is NOT LYING about making your face appear oil-free!

The regimen begins with the cleanser, which is a soap bar(for all you preferred pumpers, don't let this stop you from using this product). When you wash your face, you feel a minty tingle that makes your face feel fresh and nice. When you wash your face, it is so smooth and clean. Then you follow the cleanser with your toner, which zaps pimples away (especially when you sleep at night) and it gives you a warm glow without OVERY DRYING or making your face FEEL over-dry(comming from an oily, dry-faced girl). Without the toner, the product will not work as great as it would. Allow this to dry and then put on the wonderful moisturizing gel that soaks up all the grease! AND VOILA-ur on ur way to beautiful skin.

This product takes about 2-3 weeks to work AND it will DEFINATLEY get HORRIBLY WORSE before it gets EXTREMELY WELL. You WILL have pimples galore during this 2 week time because it is pulling out ALL the gunk out of your face! Don't worry about this! Just think of the benifits!

I had mild-severe acne and began using a dermatologist product that contained glycolic acid to clean my face. Not only that, but In the morning, I had to wipe STRONG OILY benzoyl Peroxide pads on my face, and at night I had to put on some cream to keep the zits down. Although my face was clearing up,it looked like a Oily frying pan and if I stopped using ALL these products, my skin went crazy again! I decided to use Clinique and with just 3steps I had clean, pimple-less, blemish-free, OIL FREE skin!!! It also worked 2X better than my dermatologist perscription!! and it's less hassle can get some wonderful makeup, purses and other products around cliniques "bonus time" when they give you a free gift!

Separtley, I estimate each product to cost: $11-$15 for the cleansing bar, $15 for the toner, $18-$20 for the moisturizer (there are different moisturzers for different skin. People with dry skin will definatley get a moisture surge that they have never had before (without looking OILY!) Not only that, but if your face has a VERY severe form of acne, Clinique has acne fighting medication to assist. I believe (not sure) they have a SEPARATE LINE for it as well!

Lovely Product, try it, you won't regret it!

Get it. You'll love it!

Price (paid by reviewer)
$50 - plus travel package

Where to find it
Pembroke Lakes Mall


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