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Skin Care Review: Obagi

by A girl, San Francisco, CA, USA


Efficient. Gentle. Easy to use. Plentiful amount. Lasting.

Makes face red (But WHO CARES?! It is SO worth it and beats breaking out every day!)

WOW. Just wow. I owe my esthetician a huge tip and a major "Thank you."

I have been breaking out since I was 10 YEARS OLD. It started when I was 10...and DIDN'T STOP for not even a SINGLE day for the next 10 YEARS of my life. Almost every picture of me is broken out. I never felt like one of the "pretty girls." I always wondered why god "did this to me?"

This product fixed all that.

I looked horrible. I felt even worse. I have NO self esteem. Hated the way I looked. Wouldn't leave my apartment, if I didn't have to. It got to the point where I hated going to work. I damn near did my make up with the lowest lighting possible!--> Even I couldn't stand to look at me very long! I got tired of people either looking away very quickly from disgust or staring at me like I was a freak. I cried SO much.

I know this all sounds fake. It's pretty sad because not only is it true, but it WAS my life! Hahaha, gosh it was so tragic.

I decided to do something about it. I started getting anti-acne facials at a salon near by me. I needed a system though, not just quick fix facials. My esthetician suggested I try Obagi. She told me it would make my face "Red red red..and then peeling peeling peeling."

I was too scared. But then my coworker started a system that made his skin peel too, but not Obagi. So I figured, "Screw it, we will peel together." And I have NOT regretted it a day since.

I stared with VERY light applications, like applying it with a Qtip. Gentle and just enough. I'm only 20 so I only "peeled" on the dark spots from Acne scars. Redness was like a sunburn but easy to cover. (Easier than zits!)

Yes you will break out in the begining....but if you are taking this for Acne, then that's NOTHING new, so you already know how to "make it through the day" with pimples all over your face. Also, at least these breakouts signal the last of them. It is only "purging" the rest of the puss out of your face (it has to get out some how!)

I highly recommend (if you can afford it) facials that do extractions, or LED light therapy along with it to help ride your face of the congestion in the pores. Or at least use nose strips, clay masks etc to help with the break outs that will surface. But the break outs won't last that long! And once they are gone they don't return. Basically, in about 10-12 weeks, you are DONE.

Your skin is like you always wanted it....god I'm so so so so so happy. I don't feel ugly anymore!

Now, men look at me and smile, I look in the mirror when I go shopping, because I actually leave my apartment now. I don't hide in a hoodie either! I look up more and people in the eye... I never realized how insecure I ACTED with all that acne on my face. I don't feel as depressed. My life started when my face cleared.

People are nicer to me and I'm nicer to me too :)

I feel blessed.

If you can do the OBAGI system: DO IT.

Start off with Vitamin E droplets. Use very little and build with all the products.

Price (paid by reviewer)

Where to find it
La Belle Salon in SF


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