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Skin Care Review: Proactiv Solution 3-step system

by Jennifer Jackson, Raleigh, NC USA

Adverse Effects

skin appeared healthier at first

numerous dry, rough patches of skin which darkened

I used Proactiv on my face, chest, arms and back (which the dermatologists say isn't a problem). A couple of weeks later I noticed rough, dry patches of skin in numerous places where I had used the treatment. The patches looked like welts. I guess it happened because of the benzoyl. I regret not testing the treatment on a small section of my body first. I allowed my eagerness and hope that Proactive would be perfect for me get in the way of being cautious first. Also, because my skin appeared to be doing better soon after I began using it, I disregarded certain spots that I did not have before. When I finally caught on to where these spots were coming from, and how they were worsening over time, it was too late. That's when one day after inspecting my body, that I had noticed numerous patches of skin that looked like welts, and as the days went by, these welt-like marks darkened and became dry and flaky. And to prove that they looked like welts, the marks actually stood above the rest of my skin. Of course I have discontinued my usage. And still weeks after the marks were there and someone thought that one of the marks on my neck was a hickey, and since we were in church, he advised that I put on a scarf, and that's when I explained what Proactiv did to me.

Don't use Proactiv everywhere at once. Test it on a small portion of your body.

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