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Skin Care Review: Retin-A Micro

by Sandy Brusso, Tampa, FL USA

I was given a sample tube of Retin-A Micro which I applied to my skin for 3 consective nights before bedtime. On the fourth day my skin around my mouth, chin and nose was red and burning considerably as if I was having an allergic reaction. On the fifth day my skin became very dry. The corners of my mouth were cracked and irritated. The outer corners of my eyes at the crows feet lines were irritated and burning. My skin looked as if I had had a sunburn that was beginning to peel. On the sixth day all of the irritation and burning were gone. I was left with the dryness, peeling and slight pinkish tone around my chin area & mouth. On the seventh day I began gently exfoliating the peeling skin with a very mild exfoliator. On the eighth day I just did my daily rountine cleansing and moisturizing. On the ninth day I gently exfoliated again, this time being successful in removing all of the peeling skin. This revealed a beautiful complextion that was radiant, smooth, and healthy looking. My pores also seemed reduced. A friend that I saw on the ninth day immediately commented on how great my skin looked as soon as we saw one another. Although the end result was good I have been hesitant to do this again because of the burning and dryness. My experience with Retin-A Micro reminded me of a chemical peel process I saw done on others at a skin care salon I patronized years ago. A friend has recommended Cellex-C to me. She says she has gotten very positive results with the product. I read your Smart Skin Care information and was intrigued by your offer to receive information on how to combat the aging process by creating your own products. I am 44, fair skinned, in good health, weight train regularly, and eat a sensible diet. I have seen a tremendous increase in wrinkles around my eye area and between my brows. I can also see that I am beginning to lose the elasticity in my skin. I have also seen a change in my skin on my legs, hands, arms, chest and neck with more dryness, wrinkling and age spots. I feel like I need help quick.


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