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Skin Care Review: Botox

by C. J., Austin, TX, USA


Noticeable decrease in wrinkles, Increased Smoothness in skin, Natural effect


I recently received my first Botox treatment and am extremely pleased with the results. I had my forehead and crow’s feet areas treated. Although I’m 27, I have started noticing these lines creaping up on me, and I figured if it can help someone 10 or 20 years older than me than it can certainly help me, and hopefully be a proactive measure as well. My esthetician recommended the procedure to me, and although I was doubtful about the procedure, I liked the natural yet youthful appearance it gave her. There was an “open house” at the north location of the dermatology practice, so I was able to get the treatment at a somewhat reduced rate. It would normally cost about $35 more than what I paid. I noticed my lines are almost completely gone, but I don’t feel like I have a “frozen” appearance. They key is to get the minimal amount of units needed to provide an adequate effect. I will definitely continue to receive Botox!

Definitely effective, and costly but better than more expensive alternatives.

Price (paid by reviewer)

Where to find it
Westlake Dermatology @ Round Rock


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