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Skin Care Review: Principal Secret Reclaim Deluxe Age Braker Kit

by Liz Gray

Adverse Effects

alleged to reduce wrinkles

eye redness and irritatioi- product caused deep wrinkles and sagging skin

My results were dismal. When I began using the product due to substantial weight loss a pro make-up artist estimated my age at 40 to 45, possibly younger allowing for my outdoor lifestyle, raising horses. I'm 59) After less than two full months of using the entire expensive line my skin has aged over 20 YEARS!. I had two noticible lines about one inch long each one the side of my forehead. I had no visible crows feet on right eye and minimal on left due to driving during decdes long carreer in Real Estate in desert of Las Vegas. That was before using this horrid stuff. Now I have rows of deep wrinkles all across my forehead, deep wrinkles a blind person can feel like wide wale cordury . My eye skin sags down so badly mascara smuges onto my upper lids in semicircles. My skin seems to be forever ruined. The compaany refused to refund my expensive original order (too long, yet packaging states it may take several weeks for full effects..I sent second order back it back so I can't quote packaging. I do recall that I needed a 10 x magnafying glass to read fine print which quickly rubbed off the original package. Warning do not use on eye lids. This was the "EYE SERUM" a gell Personally I would gladly join a class action law suit against Ms. Principal, et al. She should at least warn women that her products cause "relaxation of skin" which may deepen lines into wrinkles. Acording to the person on return line about 90% of women are happy.with results. I question that. The 30 day window does not allow for the sagging and deep wrinkles to fully develop, if one's skin is taut as mine once was. Now I look like I've been collecting Social Security checks for years. wth these wrinkles, I see no point in dyiny my .

If any one who already has very deep wrinkles and is over 70 years of age I will ail them my products if they pay postage. Apparently relaxing "aka causing more sagging" might reduce appearance of deep wrinkles...or provide them.

The cleanser did remove mascara well. I had to use some on Q tip since eyes began to sag so much. I continue to use up that product only for mascara removal, then wash again promptly.

I bought because I once respected the Gunthy Renker Corp. NO MORE. You can shear a sheep many times but only skin it once.

I'm trying to repair the damage with a HA gel I give internally to my horses. It's the same stuff in fancy gels for about $35/ounce. I'm taking it internally and applying it on damaged forehead and eye area. This stuff increases hydration, reducing the depth of wrinkles, but it cannot be expected to remove the marks caused by Principal Secret line. The secret is how she stays in business, if even 10% have the disastrous results I did. Yes, I'd still be angry if they refund entire ammount. It would take a face lift and more (dermabrasion? chemical peel?) to restore my skin. I wanted to continue to look young after losing over 80 pounds. Instead, thanks to Victoria Principal, I look decades older. May she "find" five pounds for every one I've dieted and exercised away. NOW that motivates me to do a few more leg lifts!

Do not buy unless you already have deeply furrowed forehead and wrinkled cheeks.

Price (paid by reviewer)
$100 + start $29 + up

Where to find it
Gunthy-Renker TV ad


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