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Skin Care Review: Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum

by kathy burke, dublin, ireland

Adverse Effects

clean feeling on skin

soreness and tightness felt that was not there previously.

This serum received rave reviews, and the marketing was and still is amazing, as a philosopher i decided to try this out , i have good skin and probably only the start of a few wrinkles and would always use a moisturiser.My dissappointment is this , the serum stings my skin, this never happened before and also there is no advise on what to do if stinging emerges. I am left wondering do i continue with using this product in case this is in fact part of the cure, or do i find a nice ordinary cream to nourish my skin and forget about all the promises these companies make, my mother tends to explain the whole scenario in her referance to what happens to any material one keeps rubbing creams, polishes, scouring aids to , it shrivels , becomes worn and eventually holes appear in it.Now I realise my mother is not allowing for the renewal affect of the skin, however this does lead me to think about perhaps the renewal benefits would be better nurtured from within , for eg vitatmins and minerals etc,I dont know but i hope to read your research and form an intelligient and informed decision. yours sincerly kathy burke

research all products under strict authority , eg a kind of star system

Price (paid by reviewer)
23 euros

Where to find it
boots dublin


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