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Skin Care Review: SkinCeuticals C & E Ferulic

by Christine Rothwell


removes wrinkles, prevents wrinkles, provides sunscreen protection, evens skin tone


I am 54 and I am frequently complimented on how young I look, and people are surprised that I have children as old as they are. Part of the reason has to do with genetics, I know, but I have always been interested in skin care, and have always been interested in taking the best care possible for my skin. I believe this passionate interest stems primarily on the fact that I had severe acne as a young teenager. I started my journey using all my allowance and babysitting money to buy “Clear Skin” by Avon. I had the entire line, and I remember the beautiful white bottles organized perfectly in my bathroom. I used the product religiously and although it did help, my skin was a disaster. I used to cry and not want to go to school because my face was so broken out with pimples and cysts. I was finally taken to the dermatologist and given treatments of dry ice, antibiotics (Tetracyclimine), and ultimately given a treatment of Accutane, which cured my acne permanently. These severe treatments did not come without at cost, of course and I later developed a chronic condition of Candida (It still remains to be an ongoing challenge at times).The fact that I visited the dermatologist on a weekly basis so he could perform extractions and apply dry ice, helped my skin tremendously to not scar from the acne and cysts. Had my mother not taken me regularly, my skin would have been drastically damaged.In my mid 20’s, I discovered facials in salons. I didn’t receive them often, at that time, due to the cost, but I was introduced to some pricey skin care products that smelled good, felt good, and helped me feel good about my skin. It wasn’t until I began earning enough money to get monthly facials, that I discovered products like Yonka, Epicuren, Jurlique, just to name the few that I particularly liked. I used Yonka for years, as well as Epicuren off and on. I also discovered glycolic acid, and received regular glycolic peels and Mirodermabrasion. From the age of 25 forward, my skin has been in excellent shape and has been as flawless as possible, given I still have large pores on my nose (I use a tinted primer to conceal them).I feel that there have been many treatments that have helped my skin tremendously, but only a few products. The best product, by far, has been SkinCeuticals, Furulic C & E.I have been using this product for about 7+ years. The esthetician who introduced it to me used it daily on her face and only one hand. She showed me her two hands and it sold me immediately. The hand she used it on was winkle free and smooth. The other hand was full of deep lines and , not just a little different, but drastically aged compared to the hand receiving the daily treatments of the SkinCeuticals product. I have told my entire family about this product, purchased it for them as gifts. I have also told many of my friends. People who are interested in their skin write down the name, and purchase it for themselves. I use this product with Retin A. Retin A dries my skin, so I use it for two weeks, then take a break for a month, but I use the SkinCeuticals product religiously every day.

I recommend this product for sun damage, & aging skin.

Price (paid by reviewer)
$40 for 10 travel size

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