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Skin Care Review: Collagen Injections

by Jan Ford, Columbus, MS U.S.A.

Adverse Effects

Temporary smoothing or leveling of depressed acne scarring.

Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc...

I had collagen injections on my cheek area (both sides of my face) back in 1985. I have been on Social Security Disability since 1992 due to rheumatiod arthritis, as a result of the collagen injections administered by a famous dermatologic surgeon.

The reason for having the collagen injections was to smooth my cheek area due to some acne scarring that had left some saucer-type scars. My husband did not want me to have this procedure done and read the precautions on the literature that the doctor gave me. It mentioned that you could have muscle pains, joint pains, or something like that. I paid no attention to his warnings.

When you have collagen injections, your face puffs up at the injection sites for a few hours or period of time. It may have been a couple of days--I don't remember since it has been so long ago. After receiving the collagen injections, all but one place smoothed down and leveled off. It took several days for this one injection site to level off.

Less than two weeks after receiving the injections, though, I had to take myself to the Hospital Emergency Room with intense sharp pains in my arm.

I was later diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and I have been on about every medicine you can imagine. It has devastated my health and life. My hands are badly deformed, and I cannot wear normal shoes. Now it's decided to attack my hips.

Some people may be lucky and have no reaction to collagen injections, but your body can react to any foreign material, see it as an invader, and then your body begin to attack and destroy itself.

My doctor told me that most people with RA usually die from heart disease, as it begins to attack your organs. I don't dwell on that, though, or ask too many questions.

I just want to warn you to stay away from these injections, which have only temporary results.

I am not jumping to conclusions with my claims. There have been several tv shows re collagen injections and breast implants causing all types of immune diseases.

One tv show that I saw several years ago showed a woman with a disease called PDF? (abbreviation for some long name) She worked for a plastic surgeon and had collagen injected into her face. Wherever the collagen was injected, it raised up and made terrible scars that did not flatten out and go away--they will always be there. She sued the company who made the collagen and got a million or more dollars. She had proof that the collagen caused her disease. I remember her saying that the disease would cut her life expectancy in half.

Please think of the consequences before having collagen injections or getting breast implants. Who wants to look like Pamela Anderson anyway?

I'm wondering about the collagen that women have injected into their lips that looks so ridiculous.


Price (paid by reviewer)
much too expensive

Where to find it
Dermatologist Surgeon


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