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Skin Care Review: Candela Smoothbeam

by Anonymous


smoothing acne scarring

amazingly, none

I have had two smoothbeam treatments, the second only less than a week ago, and I am VERY happy with the results so far. My expectations are exceeded and after reading the post by Liliana just before my first treatment I almost didn't get it. I told the doctor who did it that I thought I noticed results after the month after just the first treatment and they said that you don't normally have results you can SEE until after the second or third, and that's what I had read as well, but I did.

I had mild scarring as compared to some of the before and after photos on the smoothbeam website, but it was still very hard on my self confidence. Under direct light I looked "lumpy". The smoothbeam after only two treatments really has helped "smooth" it out. So I am really excited to see the results after 3 or 4 treatments (if needed). Makeup wouldnt cover up the unevenness and I am looking forward to getting away from having to worry about it every single morning. I had Artecoll done two years ago to help with the scarring, but the doctor put it in areas I didnt need it, and put too much in some of the areas that did need it, which is why I ended up "lumpy". If you ever get artecoll, WATCH THEM DO IT, even if you are scared of needed (which was my excuse). Dont feel bad that they mite think you doubt their skills, bc you will be the one with the permanent effects. After having this laser, I would recommend skipping the Artecoll bc there is too much human error involved, and go for the smoothbeam.

I can't tell you how happy I am with the laser. It will take a while for it to sink in mentally that it is actually smoothing out, and that it's permanent. It will take a long time for the self confidence to return, as I have been self concious for so long, but I guess that's normal because I have had the acne and scarring for so long.

For those wondering my experience on whether it helped with my acne or not: I can't say whether it's helping my acne at all, bc honestly it had settled down a lot before I got the laser, and I got it more for the scarring than for the acne.

I costs me $250 Canadian dollars per treatment, and I go once a month. I had red circles all over for only about an hour and a half. It was kinda painful, but over quick. I am planning 3-4 treatments. They use "the highest level they use on the face". I was worried before I went bc I had read something on the internet that a doctor wrote saying that the laser is not meant for the face, and the FDA approval for acne and acne scar treatment is only for the back where they CAN do HIGHER levels, and that it wouldn't do much on the face. But I can tell you that in my experience it is making a big difference to me, and I even got a compliment from one of the few people I told I was getting the laser that they noticed an improvement. That meant a lot to me.

Highly recommended. Results better than expected.

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