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Almay Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Almay Kinetin
I have been using Almay's Kinetin line for a bit over a year now. I began using it when I turned thirty. (I have pretty normal skin, slightly oily on my forehead and nose and sometimes it can get a bit dry with the weather. ) Kinetin decreased slight lines I was starting to get under my eyes... full text >>
Almay Kinetin
I have been using the Almay Kinetin line of products for about a year. While I like the feel of the Age Decelerating Daily Lotion on my skin, I find it quite painful if it comes in contact with my eyes in any way. Unfortunately, the Rejuvenating Eye Treatment has the same effect, making it difficulty to use the product line around the eyes without causing undue suffering... full text >>
Almay Kinetin
I had a very positive effect while using the Almay Kinetin product line. I used it exclusively for about two years. I found it to be very gentle on the skin, although when used regularly, I could see that skin cells were being shed on a daily basis... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Skin Care
I purchased this product because I was starting to notice fine lines around my eyes. It promised to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 50% after 8 weeks of usage. I have used it for 6 weeks and not seen much if any difference in the lines I was seeking to minimize... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Skincare
Almay, Kinetin Skincare advanced anti-aging series age deceletrating daily lotion seems to help with a problem I have of saging skin under the chin. This "turkey neck" wrinkling is unattractive. I'm 57 (white) and though I don't have wrinkles,..... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Eye Cream
I am 51 years old and stopped sunbathing at age 30, so my skin is relatively well-preserved. However, I purchased this product because it claimed to reduce puffiness, firm the eye area, reduce wrinkling, and brighten the area (reduce dark circles)... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Eye Rejuvenating Cream
I started using Kinetin Eye Cream from Almay about 10 years ago. I did not have wrinkles under my eyes at that time. All of a sudden about a year ago, the products were no longer available in my city. I am very upset because I am now getting wrinkles under my eyes and I am getting that old lady look around the eyes... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Firming and Brightening Eye Cream
I used this eye cream for several months & the cream is quite thick, so you only need to use just a very small amount, so the jar lasts quite a long time. I have noticed some very fine lines under my eyes over the last year (which is why I started to look for a decent anti-aging eye cream)... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Night Treatment
I used Almay Kinetin Night treatment (night cream) during last month. I experienced visible results from the first day I applied it. The skin was pumped up from within and brighten. Wrinkles were decreased in size and in amounts. The overall appearen..... full text >>
Almay Kinetin Skincare
I have been using Almay Kinetin Skin Optimizing Cleanser for the past 2 months and it has greatly improved my skin's appearance. My skin tends to be oily and using the cleanser seems to control the oil throughout the day. I am 22 years old and unfor..... full text >>
Almay Milk Night Cream
I have combination skin with a tendency to break out in the T-Zone. I have to be very careful about what products I put on my face. I usually break out with the thicker creams although I love the soothing feel of them. I decided to try Almay Milk Night Cream because it said that it was oil-free, and wouldn't cause acne... full text >>
Almay Milk Plus Nourishing Facial Lotion
Almay milk plus moisturiser is a creamy liquid which is hypo allergenic and suitable for sensitive skins. It has a SPF of 15 UVA/UVB so it protects while it moisturises. I have incredibly sensitive, dry skin and react to almost everything i've tried but never with this moisturuser... full text >>


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