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Environ Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Environ ASTV5
I am a 43yr old woman and have been using Environ for 6 years now. I moved from the Debut up to the C-Quence range and now the AVST range. My skin was very sun damaged before I used the range, now its less lined, pigmentation has gone, it has a beautiful glow and people always can't believe my age when I tell them... full text >>
Environ AVST
Using Environ has changed my life. I have been a sun worshipper all my life and have had lots of holidays and sunbeds through my twenties. Once I hit my 30's the lines really started to show especially around my eyes. They were getting so bad I was 100% going to have Botox and thought if that doesnt work I will have surgery... full text >>
Environ B active
I have got the worst skin in the world i am 32 yrs old and have mild acne on my chin , nose and forehead with occasional rosacea on my cheeks and dry yet oily sensitive skin and have never found a skincare line that didn't flare up my sensitive skin..... full text >>
Environ B-active and Proactive
I have now been using the Environ B-active and Proactive range for almost a year now. It was a last resort after having suffered with acne since age 15. Due to all the medical treatments, my skin had become highly sensitive and was oily yet dry at the same time... full text >>
Environ B Active Range
I have what has been described as problem skin. It is sensitive and easily drys out and I get the occassional breakouts. My skin is midly sun damaged and I am 31 years old. I have started on a series of weekly Environ chemical peels with my beautican..... full text >>
Environ C Boost
I truly find this to be a wonderful product. It comes in a very easy to apply formulation that doesn't become powdery when it dries on your skin and I love the way it moisturizes as well. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and naturaly radiant..... full text >>
Environ classic A rich
After using this vit A based cream I have experienced a visible improvement in tone and texture of my skin over the course of three months. Cleansing,toning and sun block was part of the skin regime routine. After engaging in using the cream again it was a matter of a few weeks until my skin improved again... full text >>
Environ Classic Day Cream
I started using it 8 weeks ago and my skin just glows. I am 43 years old with very fair sundamaged skin. My skin is definately healthier. My hyperpigmentation has evened out and I don't need to exfoliate as often. It uses vitamin A palmitate, vit..... full text >>
Environ colostum gel
This gel is made from fresh colustum from the bovine and although it has a slight smell it is not unpleasent. The gel is appl;ied after toning and the results are sen within a few weeks. I noticed that my skin texture improved and that it felt smoot..... full text >>
Environ Debut
I purchased Environ Moisturiser on recommendation from my Salon. The price was a lot higher than my usual spend on face products but I was sick of having dull and spotty skin. This product worked like a charm, my pimples all but disappeared and my skin tone evened out a lot... full text >>
Environ debut
This is the best skincare range I have used. It is less expensive then Dermalogica, yet has more active ingredients. This is the first time I've been convinced my skincare products are having a real beneficial effect, other than just pampering! ..... full text >>
Environ Debut
I used this product on the recommendation of my beautician and was amazed. She recommended it to deal with my breakouts and acne scarring. After a week I noticed a considerable difference in both. It moisturises without leaving skin greasy and is perfect as a base for makeup... full text >>
Environ Debut Mild Moisturisers and Mild Toner
I started this range a couple of months ago and have been amazed at the results. My combination skin is neither tight nor oily.. both the Day & Night creams sink in beautifully and maintain my skin through the day/night. I have noticed that my break..... full text >>
Environ moisturising gel
About ten years ago I used Environ gel moisturiser, and it caused a reaction in my skin which turned into Psoriasis which has spread further over my face, over the past ten years. Stay away from Environ, just look at the back of the tube and all the ingredients/chemicals you can't pronounce... full text >>
Adverse Effects
I started using Environ about 12 months ago, when I was 27. I wanted products which would improve my overall skin condition and reduce the chances of further damage. I am fair-skinned and freckled with a bit of sun damage. The RAD sunscreen is wonderful and I use it every day whether I am going outside or not... full text >>
When I first arrived in New Zealand, my skin started peeling in some areas, and breaking out in some. As I had just bought a whole set of expensive Estee Lauder Light Source skincare, I struggled on thinking that I just need to let my skin adjust. ..... full text >>
I've read everything about the product: Environ, and was very impressed by all the testimonials. I bought the products from my local beauty therapist - no starter kit was available, so I had to buy the normal sized products... full text >>
Adverse Effects
I am 52 years old, slim, fairly fit and I have a generally healthy diet. My skin is fair and I am prone to redness, probably due to sun and weathering, I am the outdoor type. In my youth I was an air hostess and consequently suffered quite a bit of sun damage... full text >>
Love the product after trying several other products. I amgoing on to Avst 3 now, and my beautician suggested going on to it gradually ie using it for two nights and use Avst 2 for the other five nights and increase the use of the thrid product gradually... full text >>
I started using the Mild day and night cream products from Environ 3 months ago. I read on this website the excellent reviews of the product and contacted Anjie also from She was excellent and promptly emailed me back and taught ..... full text >>
Environ Line
I have tried every brand out there in order to make my skin look younger and healthier. It wasn't until I was introduced to the Environ line, specifically the C-Boost, A-gel, and Clay Masque that I experienced what extraordinary results from a skincare line were... full text >>
Environ Original
This product is totally amazing. As a frequent traveller, my skin is always flaky and breaks out whenever the weather changes. I have tried almost every single over-the-counter and salon skincare around- nothing really works... full text >>
Environ Skin Care
I have never had such amazing results from any skincare product in my life. I have been using Environ: Vitamin A low oil lotion, Colostrum, Alpha Gel, Mild Toner, and more. I noticed results in one week... full text >>
Environ Retinol 3
I am 38 , red hear , blue eyes , freckled and slightly " red " in complexion , with sun care a major need along with hydration and repair of old sun damage. Retinol 3 is one of the most " aggressive " products in this South African legendary produc..... full text >>
environ sebutrol
I would reccomend this product but is does need to be used properly - that is it needs to be thoroughly washed off with luke-warm water with other products in the same range. I need to investigate further how I feel about continuing to use this product throughout pregnancy with regards to it containing salicylic acid... full text >>
Environ ultra and ioenzyme ranges
I use the ultra night cream and the ioenzyme serum at night and the ioenzyme eye gel. Developed by a doctor, i feel confident that this is protecting and restoring my skin- which i am really paranoid about... full text >>
Environ Ultra Night
I had used 0.05% Rentinoic Acid in the past. I had to use it only 2-3 nightly, as it was causing a lot of stinging and flaking of my skin. I gave up, because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted even after 2 months. I changed to Environ Ultra. I suf..... full text >>


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