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You are here: Reviews > Product Reviews > Index by Brand > Eucerin

Eucerin Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Eucerin Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer
Previusly I had been using Eucerin's Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 which I loved. It did not feel heavy or leave my face greasy and provided excellent sun protection. Problem was I wanted something with soem anti-aging and something that would..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Eucerin Aquaphor
Aquaphor by Eucerin was recommended to me by a dermatologist for dry lips. It is sold as a "healing ointment for advanced healing for dry, cracked or irritated skin." I have found it to be effective if I use it every day - in other words, it does..... full text >>
Eucerin Clear Skin Formula
The Eucering Clear Skin Formula is a three product line fomulated for blemish-prone skin. I have tried many acne treatments over that past several years and the problem I generally have with most acne products is that they dry out my skin or they sting... full text >>
Eucerin CoEnzyme Q10
I have used Eucerin products for quite a while, and have found no better night time lotion for my dry skin, particularly in winter. It is highly emollient and is absorbed well. I have used this product on my sensitive eye area with nothing but good results, and I have also used it on my hands and foot on occasion when I have had small eczema patches from climate/stress... full text >>
Eucerin Cream
This is a very good cream for dry skin. I found that if you add some of the Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel to the product and mix well, it allows for smoother spreading. And you also don't have to use much because a little goes a long way... full text >>
Eucerin Cream
I love this cream, I use it every day. I have sensitive, eczema prone skin. Anything can set it off from one day to the next. This cream never sets me off and rarely exacerbates a situation. Also, because it stays with you all day, it gives me a..... full text >>
Eucerin Cream
Eucerin not only moisturizes, but helps heal minor scratches that occurred during the day and it minimizes the occurance of skin outbreaks. Application is clearly visible (due to shininess) so, it's best to apply before bedtime. Eucerine is effec..... full text >>
Eucerin Dermatoclean Mild Cleansing Milk
So very disappointed!! It is critically important to your brand that you make a much better user-friendly container. It needs to be tried out properly before package is produced. Customers cannot decant the product in order to make use of it. The..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Eucerin Extra protective moisture lotion
In my opinion, Eucerin face lotion is an inexpensive alternative for a high quality facial lotion. It provides both UVA/UVB protection and also has an SPF of 30. It is non-comedogenic and does not break out my sensitive skin. My skin is very dry and ..... full text >>
Eucerin extra Protective Moisture Lotion SPF 30
This is my very favorite moisturizer/sunscreen combination. I have very fair and somewhat dry skin, and it's difficult for me to find both in a bottle. Most nice moisturizers have a SPF of 15 at most, which isn't enough sunblock for me... full text >>
Eucerin Intensive Repair Creme
I have long suffered from excessive dry skin, especially around the nose and chin. Finally a friend of mine who is a doctor suggested I try the Eucerin product. I could not believe how much it helped... full text >>
Eucerin ointment
This is one of the best products I have ever used. It is great to nurture scars. Wonderful on cracked lips and rough skin areas. It has an instant comfort feel to it in that it stops any itch or tightness of the skin. It can be used on babies and ..... full text >>
Eucerin Q10
I have been skeptical of any ani ageing creams..But I needed to find a cream that has no added perfumes..I use eucerin day cream spf.So I tried the eucerin Q10 night cream. The first couple of nights it felt as if I needed somthing thicker, because ..... full text >>
Eucerin Q10
I live in the great white north and during winter my already dry skin really suffers. I needed a cost effective moisturizer so I read some reviews. The reviews for Eucerin Q10 were great but I was still skeptical. I was wrong... full text >>
Eucerin Q10 Active Night Anti-Wrinkle Cream
I have been using Eucerin Q10 Active Night Anti-wrinkle cream for only about 6 months, but felt strangely comfortable when I first put it on my dry, reddish and sensitive face. It could be because it was oily or that the pale colour covered my redness, I also liked the way I looked with the stuff on my face... full text >>
Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle
This Lotion is very fertile, it feels almost like it lasts forever. What I really like is that it doesn´t leave the Skin with an oily or creamy Film but is penetrating pretty quick into your Skin, I can almost watch how my Skin is absorbing the Lotion... full text >>
Eucerin Q10 anti wrinkle sensitive skin lotion
I am a 28 year old female with oily yet sensitive skin. This combination has made it extremely difficult for me to find a daily moisturizer that also can fight fine lines in addition to protecting against UVB and UVA rays. Eucerin is recomended..... full text >>
Eucerin Q10 Sensitive Skin
I am 50 years old and going through a dry skin wrinkle stage. I usually spend alot of money on Aubrey products from the health food store and this one time thought I would save a little money and buy Eucerin Q10 for Sensitive skin... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Eucerin Redness Relief
I had a severe allergic reaction and got hives on my face and neck. Once the hives subsided, my skin began to peel off leaving raw, red patches covering most of my face and neck. I tried Benadryl Cream and Hydocortizone Cream without any relief... full text >>
Eucerin soothing night cream
I am 27 years old and have had acne since I was 12 years old. I continue to have acne, and the scars to go along with it. Eucerin is aimed toward visibly red skin and extra sensitive skin. All the products I've used were either not moisturizing enough, or to thick to where you can't wear make-up over it... full text >>
Eucerin Lotion
I have been trying for YEARS to find a moisturizer that could overcome my dry skin. It was a dream come true when I discovered Eucerin. I can apply Eucerin to my face, arms, and neck. Instantly, you get relief from your dry, itchy skin. My sist..... full text >>


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