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Fraxel Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Fraxel Laser
I had four Fraxel treatments done early last year - the last one done about six months ago - for hyperpigmentation, slight wrinkling, and old acne scars. For any real benefit, the laser must be set to a high enough setting so that you really can't tolerate it without numbing cream... full text >>
Fraxel Laser
I am 46 years old and had a face full of dark, sun spots due to regular sun burns throughout my childhood and teenage years. I looked like I had a horrendous case of measles immediately, then the red spots scabbed over and fell off completely within 7 days... full text >>
Fraxel laser treatment
I am 53 years old and have been noticing fine lines and a "crepy" appearance to my facial skin :( SO, I went for fraxel laser treatments and have been very happy with the results. The Dermatologist that did it was patient, informative and gentle, but it hurts... full text >>
Fraxel laser treatment
I am a 50 year old women with some acne scaring, lots of sun damage and the beginnings of jowles setting in on cheeks and jawline. I have completed five fraxel treatments (made by reliant technologies) two weeks apart. Treatments were done by an RN in a very accredited plastic/reconstructive surgeons office... full text >>
Fraxel laser treatment
I had 2 Fraxel laser treatments to treat acne scars that had accumulated after years of acne and got especially bad during pregnancy. The dermatologist recommended 3-5 sessions for the best results, but I stopped with 2 because of the cost,the downtime afterward-about a week of redness like a bad sunburn, and I felt I had recieved the most benefit for my money... full text >>
Fraxel laser treatment
I have undergone three fraxel laser treatments on the whole face, the first in October 2013, the second in November and the last one at the start of January 2014. For the last few years I have had melasma on my cheeks and forehead... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Fraxel Repair
I had the Fraxel Repair on my face March 2008. The Fraxel procedure was mildly painful as it was being treated and my face looked like a huge rope burn afterward. However, even though I looked awful there was no pain once the procedure was over... full text >>
Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser
Fraxel Repair was not painful, but the healing time was only suppose to be 3 -5 days. It is four months and I am still not healed. Fraxel has left me with scars, hypo pigmentation, hyper pigmentation and very rough skin. BE CAREFUL. If you wou..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
I can already see a difference after my first treatment. My dark spots and acne scars have been deminished by about 30%. The procedure was fairly painful and my face was pretty swollen for about 3 days and then it peeled for about 2 weeks. 4 to 5 ..... full text >>
Fraxel Laser
I received 5 Fraxel treatments in hopes of achieving a considerable improvement in facial acne scarring. However, it is now 7 months since my last treatment and my scars show no noticeable improvement. Collagen production post Fraxel is supposed to last up to 6 months, so I know my scars are not going anywhere... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Fraxel Laser for acne scars
This was a very painful series of 5 treatments. Even with vicodin and knumbing cream, it still felt like someone was tattooing every square inch of my face. After the swelling went down, my skin did look better and much more smooth... full text >>
Reliant Fraxel Laser
After an unsuccessful series of IPL RF treatments a year ago, I did some research and decided on Fraxel to try to eliminate the age/sun spots that seem to have taken over my face and hands. The IPL treatments had left me worse off than before the treatments... full text >>


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