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Isomers Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Isomers Age Kit
I just received my kit two days ago, I am not sure how it works yet, but it immediately makes your skin feels so much smoother. I am using several steps, cleanser, copper p, wrinkle lotion, eye lift, desert youth and there is one other used only at night... full text >>
Isomers Copper P Concentrate
This serum helped to firm up my skin. I was beginning to have very slight sagging at the jaw line. It is obviously not a face lift, but it firmed up my jaw enough that I noticed. It also has soothing qualities. I use at night w/ Retin-A and it..... full text >>
Isomers Trace Elements Copper P Concentrate
I have been using this serum for the past year. I bought Trace Elements Copper P Concentrate (by Isomers) from Shopnbc, a shopping channel. It contains magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and silicon. I liked that it doesn't have any of the bad ingredients..... full text >>
Isomers Desert Youth
I love all of the Isomers products that I have tried so far including the Desert Youth. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. I love applying it at night underneath my regular moisturizer because it feels so good going on.I can feel ..... full text >>
Isomers Idebenone Cream
Why wait for Prevage (due in February 2005 from Allergan) when you can get this great product in the same strength for 1/3 of the price? I have been using about 3 weeks and my skin tone is much improved, lines and wrinkles have vanished. Two pumps - this bottle will last months... full text >>
isomers matrixyl
I have tried them all retin a ,estro products, glylocic acid peels ,vitamin c capsules serums creams. I am 55 and reccomeend this to anyone who wants to get rid of or plump up the lines from nose to mouth and wrinkles under eyes... full text >>
Isomers Matrixyl
I did not feel that this product reduced the appearance of fine lines or plump the skin, which was what was advertised. I have purchased a number of products from this company because the spokesperson is a self-described cosmetic chemist who owns the lab where the product is produced... full text >>
No effect
Isomers Matrixyl Wrinkle Defense Serum
I'm a 35 year old (it used to hurt to say that) with normal, olive skin who was searching for one of these new pentapeptide products due to the accolades they have been receiving. Needlessly said, I found some, but they were NOT matrixyl... full text >>
Isomers Matrixyl 3000
I really like that this product does not have a lot of extra fillers, it's something you can use on entire face even the eye area. I have been using it everyday for about 3 weeks now and notice a differance in the texture of my skin as well as the hydration level... full text >>
Isomers Matrixyl Wrinkle Defense Serum
I am an esthetician and I think the Isomers brand is one of the best products I have tried and believe me I have tried a lot. You must use this faithfully and continue using it to get lasting results--but they are worth it. There is a definite reduction in the amount of wrinkles and the ones that you have will not be as evident or deep... full text >>
Isomers One 3000 Liquid Crystal Cream for Face
I am an AVID Paulas Choice user, but SHOP NBC had a great deal on some Isomers stuff, so I decided to give it a try. I tried this item, along with the one 3000 for eyes and my daily acid exfoliant from P... full text >>
Isomers One For Eyes
This serum is so light penetrates right into the skin around your eyes. Not many serums go right on the eye lids (this also makes your eye shadows look much better), pure rich serum (packed full of excellent ingredients, which are listed right on the bottle) my eyes look great... full text >>
Isomers One for Face
The Isomers One for Face is a skin cocktail comprised of several popular Isomers serums combined. It includes the Copper P, Acetyl-Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline), Matrixyl (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide -3) and H Pur (Sodium Hyaluronate) serums. It is very..... full text >>
Isomers PUR
The product is to be used until it is gone, approximately 3 months. The dropper never worked very well so I threw it away and just put a couple of drops on each night without any other product as suggested. I was not expecting a miracle but thought it would give some overall improvement... full text >>
No effect
Isomers Pur Face
This is a once-a-year treatment to rejuvenate the skin, works best if used with a daily exfoliant (also sold by Isomers). You use it until the bottle is finished - which will take about 3 months in my case... full text >>
Isomers R Pur
I've been very impressed with Isomers entire skin care line. I've been using some of their products for years and have, through trying different "kits", figured out which products work for me the best. The R Pur is a product that I'd been wanting to try for a while, but didn't feel I could justify paying $150 for 1 ounce of product... full text >>
Isomers Skin Brightening Complex
I have used skin brightening products before that have been harsh and almost bleach like in content. Therefore, I was unable to continue using them. The Isomers Skin Brightening Complex is the first product that I have used that I noticed results in the matter of a few days... full text >>
Isomers Time Freeze
This product is all HYPE! It is supposed to be a non-invasive version of a Botox-like product. It is supposed to help smooth crow's feet and other lines from repetitive motions, such as smiling and frowning. It is a lotion in a small brown bottle...... full text >>
No effect
Isomers Wrinkle Defense Serum
I purchased this from shopnbc. It seems to work very quickly - about 10 minutes - to firm-up my skin. The biggest difference I noticed was the reduction in my nose-to-mouth lines, which seemed to instantly plump up... full text >>
Isomers Wrinkle Viper
I like and have many Isomers products, but this one, I got during their introductory offer where it was only $30 (I believe full price is around $50), and used it faithfully, no effect, doesn't work. They really promoted it like it was the second coming in skin care, but I found it a waste of money... full text >>
No effect


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