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La Mer Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Creme de la mer
Cream has a very pleasant smell and texture. It is expensive but a small amount is required and a jar can last for a long time (around 6 months). the list of active ingredients is very long but most of them tend to be natural (plant, oil, sea..... full text >>
creme de la mer
La Mer's / Creme De La Mer I am a 54 year old male Hereditary Hemochromatosis (Iron Overload) sufferer, late diagnosed, with the bronze diabetes, this is where the excess iron has colored my skin and lies beneath the skins outer layers creating an itching and a blotchy scaling of the tissues... full text >>
Creme de la Mer
My friend gave me a jar of Creme de la Mer and I was so excited because I thought it was going to do wonders for my skin. I found the cream very heavy to apply, you must heat it in the palm of your hand first and it doesn't go too far. I persiste..... full text >>
No effect
creme de la mer
I received a large jar of this cream as a Christmas gift and due to the hyupe, I thought it would change my appearance. After using it for a few months, I think I will be putting it in the back of my medicine cabinet. After following directions closely, I haven't really seen any real results... full text >>
No effect
Creme De La Mer
i am not sure what is the correct way to apply creme de la mer. 1 counter sales staff said to warm the creme briefly on the fingers and another said to rub the creme on the fingers till it becomes transparent before applying onto the face... full text >>
No effect
creme de la mer
after hearing so many succes-stories about creme de la mer, i just had to try it, especially to keep my skin from further aging. I have tried it for 3 months (2 jars) and it was very helpfull for my dry skin, but no better than vaseline... full text >>
No effect
Creme de la Mer
The Creme de la mer does soften scares, when used regularly (at least a month), it is the most luxurious facial product I have ever used. I saw results in my skin in days, the bumpy almost blemishes start disappearing immediately. I have mild acne at times and it took that away quickly then started to soften my old acne scars... full text >>
creme de la mer
I have tried every brand of every anti aging creams out there and nothing comes close to this product. I had oily skin before trying this product and after using it for about a week my skin has balanced out... full text >>
La Mer skin creme
I bought La Mer after getting a raise at work, in ordr to treat my 40 year old skin to "the best that money couold buy". It smelled wonderful and I used it just as the jar suggested, morning and night, even warming it between my fingers as the jar stated... full text >>
Creme de la Mer Eye concentrate
I started using it around my eyes as I noticed I had started developing eye bags and loss of tone around the eyes. I could see the difference after only 3 days and my eye bags have now practically gone. It is certainly helping in preventing wrinkles around my eyes... full text >>
La Mer Eye Balm
I am in my early thirties, had been using Estee Lauder's advanced night repair eye cream for years and doing fine, but thought I should look for another product that might yield more dramatic results. I have used La Mer's eye balm for a few months now and have noticed zero effects... full text >>
No effect
La Mer eye balm
Pleasant, light smell, not too fragrant. Rich and creamy yet light in texture. Can be worn daytime under makeup without problems. Helped reduce the appearance of fine, papery type wrinkles around eyes. Appears to hydrate and plump the eye area. ..... full text >>
La Mer
This is a very expensive eye concentrate but I was sold by a very good sales lady, and was a bit desparate to find a solution. My eye bags have become puffier and darker with age. I am very self concious and have tried many products short of surgery..... full text >>
La Mer face moisturiser
After reading all the hype for a year or so, I decided to buy a tester on E bay, a small 7ml jar of La Mer which set me back 20. I've tried a lot of stuff over the years, so I was a bit sceptical. Anyway, I've been using it twice daily in very small amounts, and a little does go a long way... full text >>
La Mer Facial Serum
I absolutley LOVE this product. I am hooked on La Mer Facial Serum. I think it is the best product out there. This was a gift and I plan to continue using it. I don't care to fork out $200 for such an amazing product. I am 30 yrs. old and have reciev..... full text >>
La Mer
After reading a recommendation by a professional make-up artist, I ordered a sample of the La Mer Serum through eBay. Wow! With each passing day, my skin is smoother, firmer and more glowing. I have a skin regimen which I have developed over the year..... full text >>
La Mer lifting serum and intensifier
Pros: the product feels great on the skin, not sticky or greasy. The skin feels supple and fresh. The products last forever, because you need a tiny amount. Cons: I didn't notice any miraculous effects, that given the price one might expect. Actu..... full text >>
La Mer moisturising cream
I have been using creme de la mer moisturizer for about three months now and must confess to being extremely impressed. My skin texture was quite rough and wrinked! prior to using the cream, it is now smooth and finer. I have received comments from..... full text >>
Creme de la Mer
I have had rosacea for 10 years and have been on the search for something (anything!) to help my condition. I have a two-fold problem, because my skin is also extremely acne-prone. I had read rave after rave of the entire line of Creme de la Mer..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
la mer
I have very dry cheek and chin but slightly oily t-zone. Cream de La mer made my skin look supply and well hydrated. My face is no longer flaky all through the day. It give me a nice glow and my t-zone is less oily than normal. There is some healing..... full text >>
La Mer
I have combination skin with an oily T zone and large pores. I'm 33 and fit with a good diet and my skin isn't noticeably affected by hormones. I'm constantly searching for the miracle creams etc we keep hearing about and being disappointed when I try them... full text >>
La Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion
I have a very dry skin with large pores.It's so hard to find the right cream.Most of them are too oily and sticky. I'd tried creme de le mer and felt it's too sticky for day-time. Then I keep it for a night-cream. After trying oil absorbing lotion,I..... full text >>


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