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You are here: Reviews > Product Reviews > Index by Brand > La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
La Roche-Posay Active C Anti-Wrinkle Dermatological Treatment
I purchased this product to get rid of my under eye wrinkles and crepiness. It was good at hydrating, however, the wrinkles stayed the same and I developed some bumps on my undereye skin, similar to milia. However, I respect the brand because they do not use parabens or allergenic substances... full text >>
No effect
La Roche Posay Active C Eyes
I purchased this gel/cream after having looked high and low for a vitamin C eye cream with L-Ascorbic Acid (the only type of vitamin C proven to be absorbed by the skin). After much research on the internet, I found information on the La Roche Posay brand ans was immediately impressed... full text >>
La Roche Posay Active C Eyes
I've been using this product for about 3 months now. The best effect I noticed is the disappearing of dark circles under my eyes for a long time, for which I have tried many products, including Olay Regenerist eye serum and Ester Lauder Advanced Night Repair for eyes... full text >>
La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid
I love the texture and application is very easy. Excellent sun protection recommanded by my dermatologist for all year round. Does not clog pores et allows you to apply make up on top of it. A friend has also been using it for a year now and she is ..... full text >>
La Roche Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics
I have tried just about every sunscreen I could get my hands on for the last 15 years, and this is BY FAR the best. It looks white when it first goes on, but after it dries I don"t notice it looking too white... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Anthelios L Total Block SPF 60
This is both a UVA and UVB sunscreen, but is not yet available in the U.S because the FDA has not approved of Mexoryl. It can however be ordered via internet at (Canada). It is totally effective. It was also reviewed in the Sunday..... full text >>
La roche posay anthelios sunscreen
This is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB daily sunscreen moisturizer. It contains powerful UVA protecting agents (ie mexoryl and avobenzone and photostabilizing ingredient) which protect against long and short wavelength UVA light... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL
As a fair- skinned, fair-haired 42 year old with a history of sun damage (I had a large basal cell removed from my chest a few years ago) from overexpoasure in my youth to my early 30's, I'm now a stickler for protecting myself from the sun. I had a niece visit me in New Jersey from the Midwest this past August, so a trip to the shore was a must... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Fluide Extreme 50+
I have used this sunscreen for daily protection for about two years now. It offers great protection, and everyone knows Anthelios offers superior UVA protection and photostability. It contains Meroxyl SX and XL can be purchased in Europe and expensi..... full text >>
La Roche Posay Biomedic Retinol 15
The texture is quite nice and it is very easy to apply it exactly to the areas that you need. However, despite many positive reviews on this product, I didn't notice any improvement whatsoever. The only difference I saw was that my skin became very irritated and started to break out... full text >>
No effect
La Roche-Posay Biomedic Retinol 60
Overall, after using this particular brand of cream for approximately six months, I have noticed considerable difference in skin tone and facial rejuvenation. One of my colleagues wanted to know what I was using to make my face illuminate and glow... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Epidermal Recovery Accelerator
is a healing and protective formula that contains copper, zinc and manganese. By stimulating the production of new cells it can help your post-procedure skin to heal faster and more efficiently. When used topically, it has been shown to enhance wound healing and help clear chronic skin lesions... full text >>
La Roche-Posay effaclar K
This acne treatment fluid reduces blackheads, controls breakouts and improves skin texture. The light, smooth texture helps transform and sooth skin. Blemishes are erased, pores are unclogged and tightened. The skin is finer, clearer, and softer to ..... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Gel Moussant purifant
My skin is kind of oily but this keeps the oil production in control and gives a fresh look. I was initially looking for a product which could prevent my skin from looking oily and give it a refreshing look. this seemed to be a good product and really worked for my kind of skin which is combination to oily... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV
It moisturized my skin very nicely, and I am finally able to wear a sunscreen and a moisturizer without my skin erupting into breakouts or a rash. It has a really nice consistency, so you don't have to use a lot of it, which is good considering that it is fairly pricey for a non-OTC product... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Hydraphase XL
With very fine, dry skin, I've experimented with many moisturizes over the years that claim to hydrate the skin without being greasy. As a flight attendant who works long, drying flights to Europe, moisturizing is important in the toxic airplane air... full text >>
La Roche Posay Redermic Anti-Wrinkle Firming Care for Normal to C
This product is moderately priced and combines something pretty unique- vitamin C to improve complexion and medecassoside for firming. I just turned 40 and have combination skin with some sensitivity and dryness... full text >>
La Roche Posay soothing skincare moisture lotion
This product has been really good to me. I have somewhat overly oily skin, and tend to break out as well (so lovely, I know…) But this product is soothing and light, doesn’t irritate my skin and hasn’t caused any breakouts in the past 4 months... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Substiane
Under the recommendation of my dermatologist, I just tried a new product by La-Roche Posay, which is a popular brand with doctors in France. I have very sensitive skin so I have used their products before but was very excited that they now have an anti-aging product for my age range (57)... full text >>
La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
The thermal spring water does exactly what it says. I have a little redness in my cheeks and it calms the redness and provides an over all soothing effect to my face. I apply it to my arms, face, and neck. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and has..... full text >>
La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser
As a rosacea sufferer I am always on the lookout for skincare products that will not irritate my hypersensitive skin or cause flareups. A creamy lotion that is free of dyes, fragrance, preservatives and other common irritants, it is meant to be massaged on the skin, then gently removed with a tissue or cotton pad... full text >>


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