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Mary Kay Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner 3
While I do use this product to eliminate blemishes, and it works well to do so, I've found a new use. This product worked a miracle on my feet. When my feet get overly dry and cracked, I do the following at night. Swipe foot and heel with the toner, then follow with Extra Emollient Night Cream or intense petrol based salve... full text >>
Mary Kay Cosmetics
I have used Mary Kay products and cosmetics for over five years. Mary Kay products can be mixed and matched with one another for an endless array of beauty. Also, each product is packaged in a way that allows consumers to carry and use the products at almost any time... full text >>
Mary Kay Embrace Body Wash Line
I don't normally have sensitive skin anywhere but my face. This body wash made me break out after using it 1 time. I thought that maybe it was my laundry detergent, but I had been using the same detergent for years... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Mary Kay Even Complexion
I'm thirty-four and my skin is normal to oily. I have fair skin and it's not overly sensistive. I have some uneven skin tone (redness, blotchiness and some mild sun damage (freckles, mostly). I saw results in about a week. I noticed my skin was..... full text >>
Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel
I LOVE this product!! You can feel it working as soon as you apply it. It has a mild tingly feeling, however don't mistake that as an adverse reaction. It means it's doing its job. The main benefit I got is that it dramatically reduced the puff..... full text >>
Mary Kay Microdermabrasion set
The microdermabrasion set from Mary Kay works miracles. You can literally wear no makeup and feel gorgeous. You skin is softened and smoothed after one use, and many people notice a healthier looking face after 2 weeks of use... full text >>
Mary Kay Miracle Set
I think the products are good. I liked the exfoliant property of the daily cleanser. I had previously used Clinique and had to buy separate cleansing and exfoliating products. They do a good job of cleansing and moisturizing. I think this product..... full text >>
Mary Kay Miracle Set
I have experienced amazing results with this skin care program. Previously using an expensive, natural skincare, I seemed to looking older by the day, which I thought was just the aging process and suffered frequent blemishes. I was introduced to Mary Kay by a family member who had experienced amazing results... full text >>
Mary Kay Miracle set
The Miracle set consist in a total skin care package. The plan starts with the use of "3 in 1 cleanser cream" which not only cleanses, but exfoliates and tones at once, then comes the "Age Defying moisturizer cream", very creamy and light, to use during the day... full text >>
Mary Kay Miracle Set
I started using Mary Kay products in 1993 when they had their five step line. My skin changed (as does everyone's) due to hormones and climate changes and I assumed that it just did not work for me any longer. Two years ago my friend became a consultant and I was 30 and bought the Miracle set... full text >>
Mary Kay Cosmetics
I have used Mary Kay products faithfully for 3 years. I am a 39 year old mother that is originally from California. I have been outside in the sun most of my life. My skin today is still very supple, I have no wrinkles and I truly love the Mary..... full text >>
Mary Kay Product Line
In 1991 a friend set me up for a free make over with a Mary Kay Rep. I wasn't pleased, by the thought of some stranger in my house- but I did it, to make this friend happy. It turned out to be a smart choice. I suffered from cystic acne & had for ..... full text >>
Mary Kay Products
For my dry skin type I used the Formula 2 product line from MK. It consisted of a cleanser,moisturizer,toner,mask and a day and night cream. The results were great in the begining, my skin actully glowed!! After prolonged use I begun to exprience..... full text >>
mary kay night solution
this product feels good after applying and you can feel it tightening,but i dont see any difference in my crows feet or fine lines. you cannot use it in your eye area which means you have to use another product for that area as well... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Mary Kay Oil free eye makeup remover
I tried many different products (Lancome, Neutrogena, etc) to remove eye makeup but almost all of then leave residues that bothers people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes. When I wear other brands my eyes get dried during the day when I am wearing my contact lenses and it sticks overnight while I am sleeping... full text >>
Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel
My face is often dry and tight. I recently purchased the Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel and have been using it daily for 6 weeks now. My skin is not only refreshed with moisture, it looks a lot softer and less worn... full text >>
Mary Kay Oil Relief Masking Cleanser
I really like the Oil Relief Masking Cleanser. You can use it as a twice-daily cleanser, once daily cleanser/mask, or just as a twice-weekly mask. You can feel a tingly sensation after about 15 seconds, so you know it's working. I have oily skin, but I wanted to stop using a harsh cleanser like I have been doing for years... full text >>
Mary Kay Skin Cleanser
I like the way my face feels right after I wash it. The price gets a little expensive especially when you buy the moisturizor to put on afterwords, and using it twice a day it will last maybe about 3 months... full text >>
Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel
I received this as part of a gift and I was doubtful since I've always used higher end dept store products, but I gave it a try and instantly I was addicted! I Love this stuff! It made my eyes less puffy on the mornings I needed it and all around smo..... full text >>
Mary Kay Time Wise
The Mary Kay TimeWise products are wonderful. I am 22 years old and have been using the Night & Day solutions, Age Fighting Moisturizer, Microderm Abrasion set, Age Fighting Eye Cream, and Oil Free Hydrating Gel for about a year now. Before using..... full text >>
Mary Kay Time Wise 3-in-1 Cleasner (bar formula)
I really like that Mary Kay offers this product in both the bar form and the tube form. This product is oil and fragrance free which is great for me because I have sensitive skin. My favorite is the bar form and it comes with a little dish to keep it covered when not in use... full text >>
Mary Kay Time Wise Age Defying
This moisturizer (spf 15) works well with all skin types. I'm African-American with oily skin, prone to break-outs, I have some discoloration but I noticed that this moisturizer did not cause any negative reactions... full text >>
Mary Kay Time Wise Day/Night Serums
I bought these products because I saw that the night serum had made an age spot disappear from my mother's skin. I have uneven skin tone from years of overexposure to the sun, as well as pigmentation left over from when I was pregnant... full text >>
No effect
Mary Kay Timewise
I purchased an entire Mary Kay Timewise skin treatment system. My MK consultant ensured me that if something does not work I can return. I have used all the steps for about couple of weeks and developed red spots around my chin area... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Mary Kay TimeWise
I bought the Miracle Set, which includes cleanser, moisturizer, day treatment and night treatment. I later purchased the microdermabrasion kit, firming eye cream and line reducer. I have been using the line for 7 months. I also use the acne treatmen..... full text >>
Mary Kay's Timewise Products and Day and Night Sol
What amazing products. I have tried many, many brands - from expensive department store brands to bargain brands- and NOTHING has given me the incredible results that I have had with Mary Kay's products... full text >>
Timewise and Basic Mary Kay Skincare
As and avid outdoorsy person and tennis player living in Florida, I started using the Mary Kay line in my early thirties. In those days sunscreens were still a grey area and not used by many people including me. I am now 56 still living in Florida and enjoying the outdoors... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise 3 in 1 cleanser
My skin was somewhat splotchy, scaley and red. I began using Mary Kay Timewise cleanser and also the moisturizer and saw a dramatic improvement in a day or two. I have tried many other much more expensive products and haven't found anything that works as well... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Age Fighting Moisturizer
I've used the moisturizer for some time now, but only at night. If I use it in the mornings, it adds to my already oily skin and my makeup is sliding off by mid-morning. I do think it makes my skin feel softer, but I don't know about the "age-fight..... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Anti-Aging Eye Cream
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. The skin around my eyes has never looked or felt better. Tried all the expensive stuff - nothing compares. Very little product needs to be used - therefore the product lasts longer. I have had no adverse effects, no..... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Anti aging moisturizer
This product used to have an Sun Protection Factor of 15. Then they changed the formula so its Sun Protection Factor 30. It really made my face sting, especially around the eyes and I had to immediately wash it off. Its all right for other exposed..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Mary Kay Timewise cleanser
at 25, I assumed I wouldn't be battling acne anymore. Using this product, for a little while, it seemed to help. Nowadays I experience oiliness nearly right out of the shower. Irriatation, uneven tone, blackheads, shiny skin..I find myself blotting ..... full text >>
No effect
Mary kay timewise cleanser
received product as a gift, I have combination skin and prone to break out from cleanser and moisturizers. I used the product for 2 weeks and my face was broken out in areas I had never had break outs. I called the consultant and was told it was normal and the pores were getting clean... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Mary Kay TimeWise Firming Eye Cream
Really provides firming around the eye area. The previous Eye Cream by Mary Kay was not potent enough, but this one is awesome. The container is much improved too, as it is now in a pump form and dispenses just enough product each time... full text >>
Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion
The first time I tried this product I was impresses. I definitely saw a difference in my skin. The refining process is done by applying a small (very small) amount of the exfolliant lotion on a wet face using circular motions... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion
The Timewise Microdermabrasion set consists of two products. You begin by using the refining microdermabrasion and apply it to your face with fingertips and massage. The exfoliating beads are very small, yet this product works better and feels better than other products I've used for exfoliating... full text >>
Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set
This was recommended to me by my MK consultant-friend who was familiar with my dry skin problems. I am in my twenties, so the idea of premature aging terrifies me. I bought the product and have just now used it for the first time (it came with free samples of the Time Wise line, and I used the products together)... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer
The lotion is non greasy nor heavy. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I had clear skin before using it and still had clear skin after. So there were no problems with it clogging my pores. When using it with the 3 in 1 cleanser and the dayt..... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer
If you've never tried Mary Kay get your hands on some. Their Timewise set is anti-aging and approved for sensitive skin. For extremely sensitive skin they have the classic formula which makes your skin look and feel great. Give your skin 2 weeks to adjust to any new skin care products... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Night Solution
Although Mary Kay Timewise Night Solution seemed like a good product and smelled like it should have some effect, after using the entire bottle, I noticed no difference in skin tone, wrinkles or lines. The cost was relatively high, and I saw no noticeable improvement with its use... full text >>
No effect
Mary Kay TimeWise Products
If you want a skincare line that really lives up to it's potential try Mary Kay's Timewise line, this is excellent. I have the whole line and I literally saw a major difference in 24 hours of use. Not only did I see a difference in how the makeup matched my skin tone perfectly, but others began commenting on how beautiful my skin looked... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Replenishing Serum + C
I was told that from an in-depth consumer study women saw great results after using TimeWiseŽ Replenishing Serum+C. These were the statistics I was given: - 89% said their skin looked lifted and more resilient - 86% said their skin looked more toned..... full text >>
Mary Kay Timewise Skin-care
I have been using the Mary Kay's Timewise Miracle set, which is a 3-in-1 cleanser, moisturizer, liquid foundation, day and night solutions (serums) for 3 months now and have noticed how soft and smooth my skin feels, but what is even more exciting..... full text >>
Mary Kay Velocity
A few years ago I used the cleanser and moisturizer from this product line. I had problems with acne and an oily T-zone. My face felt squeaky clean after the cleanser and the moisturizer went on nice and light. A couple hours later though, parts of my face were really dry while some parts were quite oily feeling... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Mary Kay Velocity Cleanser and Moisturizer
My 12-year-old daughter has oily skin and trouble with acne, especially along the hairline and on her chin. We tried Clearasil facial wipes and cream first, to no avail. After we switched to Pro-Activ for a few months, we realized that part of the reason nothing was working was that she wasn't using it like she should... full text >>
Timewise Mary Kay
I have been using Mary Kay Timewise for 1 year and have seen an improvement in fine lines. I use the Mary Kay Timewise Mircle set and there microabrasion set. I do like the product and I have seen good results but don't like the fact that there isn't very good instructions on how to use the product... full text >>


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