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MD Forte Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
MD Forte Cleansing Lotion I
I am a middle age, post-menopausal, white female with oily skin in the T zone as well as occasionaly breakouts in the T zone. Using this cleanser reduced the number of breakouts as well as improved the softness of my skin in just 3-4 weeks. It did ..... full text >>
MD Forte Cream III
I used MD Forte years ago, but changed to department store brands because they were easier to purchase. I'm in my mid 40's and needed something stronger than department store brands, so I went back to MD Forte about 1. 5 years ago, worked my way up to level III from level 1 cleanser and cream and have been pleased with the result... full text >>
MD Forte Eye Rejuvenation Cream
Good product for aging skin. Has Retinol concentrate and AHA. Eye area becomes red and looks more wrinkled after a week or two. You'll think it's not working, but if you make it through that period--winkles go away! Deep wrinkles severely dimished..... full text >>
MD Forte Facial Cream III
I am 61 and look ten years younger. People rave about how beautiful my skin is. My pores are minimized (and I had bad acne as a teenager!) and I have few lines or wrinkles. My skin looks firm and youthful giving me an energetic appearance. I buil..... full text >>
MD Forte Glycolic Acid Cream III
Relatively average cost anti-wrinkle/reducer cream with great results. Like many products, best results with prolonged use. Inevitable, we're all going to age but I do believe this cream has helped keep my skin smooth and supple... full text >>
MD Forte Glycolic Cleanser II
I started using glycolic cleanser under the recommendation of my dermatologist when he put me on Retin A Microgel treatment. The first one I used was Jan Marini I glycolic cleanser. As I get used to it, he moved me up to MD Forte II. I love this. The..... full text >>
M.D. Forte Glycolic Cleanser II
I am Asian with a light, pink complextion that is prone to breaking out. I started using this cleanser, as well as their other product lines after getting monthly facials. It is great at revealing new, fresh skin without irritation... full text >>
MD Forte Glycolic Cleanser III
I am white, 42 years old, have oily skin with large pores on cheeks and nose, some blackheads on nose. Started using this cleasner after trying a sample from the MD Skincare range because I was seeking quicker improvement to my skin which had become very rough and clogged over the winter... full text >>
MD Forte Hydra Masque
I am 32, have combination skin & have tried about every product there is and I will continue to buy this one. (I don't say that about many of them) This product leaves your skin feeling very soft & refreshed. You get that fresh from the spa feeling &..... full text >>
MD Forte Hydra Masque
This is my miracle product and I am on about tube 6 of this stuff. However I have skin that is very used to AHAs (it has a good punch of AHAs) so I suggest applying for the recommended time to start with... full text >>
MD Forte Facial Skin Cream III with AHA
I have prior sun damage from teen years in the sun and coastal San Diego, CA living. At 59 years of age and having moved to Arizona's drier climate with seasons at 48oo ft. With menopausew my formerly oily skin became dry and this product has been effective in eliminating dryness... full text >>
M.D. FORTE skin rejuvenation hydra-masque
It is a specialized treatment formulated specifically to minimize the visible signs of skin aging. It contains Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids with vitamins A and E which hydrate and refine, leaving skin softer, smoother, more resillient with a younger, healthier appearance... full text >>
M.D. Forte Skin rejuvenation Lotion I
I am 57 years old and have very fair skin which is fairly dry except in the T-zone which is very slightly oily with somewhat visable pores. I easily get rashes and have some trouble with ezcema. I tend to get little bumps on my cheek amd jaw area and seem to have better skin appearance and smoothness when I use an alpha hydroxy acid product on a regular basis... full text >>
M.D. Forte Skin Rejuvenation Lotion III
My skin is 53 year old, post-menopausal, white European, non-sensitive and normal. This product noticeably smoothed my skin even more than Strivectin SD by diminishing cheek wrinkles, indented scratch "scars" that I received from using too harsh scrubbing with exfoliating pad and that had persisted for 3 years... full text >>
M.D. Forte total daily protector spf 15
my skin is sensitive to a lot of products, M.D. Forte total daily protector caused no reactions or "stinging" sensations. i wear contacts and some products seem to "run or leak" into my eyes no matter how cautious i am about keeping them away from ..... full text >>


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