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Neostrata Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
NeoStrata 15 AHA
I have a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris or "chicken skin". Patches of skin on my thighs and upper arms are covered in hundreds of tiny raised red dots. The red dots are actually the hair follicles which have become blocked and inflamed. The..... full text >>
NeoStrata Advanced Dermo Systems
this is an excellent product for smoothing your skin and removing dead skin cells. I have noticed my complexion getting smoother and clearer week by week. My skin has a wonderful glow and my wrinkles have deminished in size... full text >>
Neostrata AHA
I have been trying Neostrata Alpha-hydroxy acids for the last 5 years. I have recently tried their brand new products Renewal + and Neostrata PHA 10% gluconolactone with a more moisturising and antiageing effect I have noticed, over their older products... full text >>
Neostrata at home exfoliating peel system
I am 38 and have had mild acne around the jawline and chin for years. I normally just used soap and water.. tried cleanser not particular brand in the past. 2 months ago I went to the drug store and started to look for product to help with this. ..... full text >>
Neostrata Body lotion
I used this lotion on my face- although it is marketed and sold as a body lotion- it has 10% alpha hydroxy acids, and is better value than the smaller quantity face lotions in the same brand line. I found on my younger skin (age 28) the results were more dramatic than now(age 34)... full text >>
NeoStrata Body smoothing lotion 10%
Neo Starta products along with a Renvoa routine and hyalouronic acid moisturiser forms the core of a skin care program that most people can afford. I started using it about 20 years ago when it first came on the market, friends accused me of getting secret face lift... full text >>
Neostrata Exuviance
Exuviance contains gluconolactone, a less irritating hydroxy acid. The 4% is not irritating on my skin compared to AHA. It is available in higher strengths (up to 12 %) which I have not tried and cannot comment on. Nice cream, does not make me oil..... full text >>
Exuviance Professional Ultra-Rich Restorative Creme (by Neostrata)
I am 22 years old of mainly Jewish/German/English descent. I have very fair yellow-toned, very dry skin that is not sensitive overall, but has shown to be very sensitive to alpha hydroxy acids. I have only been using this product for about 6 weeks... full text >>
Exuviance (Neostrata) Purifying Cleansing Gel
I have dry skin, so I am always looking for a cleanser that will remove dirt and makeup but that won't leave my skin stretched tight as a drum. My first experience with this product came as a sample I received with a purchase from Sephora... full text >>
Neostrata Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel
I like this product as it does make your skin smooth and reduce wrinkles somewhat. It takes awhile for your skin to get use to it (does initially irritate your skin), but after while you don't notice it anymore. It comes in a great pump bottle that allows you to pump out only a little cleanser at a time so the product lasts a long time... full text >>
No effect
NeoStrata Eye Contour Friming Cream
This product is recommended for people age forty and over, but I used it at age thirty-one anyways because I wanted an effective product. I saw effects immediately probably due to the moisturizing effect. I also apply it to my lips which tend to be very dry not matter what I do... full text >>
NeoStrata Hydroquinone 4%
I was really pleased with the skin lightening effects of this 4% hydroquinone. I was looking to get rid of some pigmentation and sun damage, and thought i'd give this a try. There is a well known system out there, a line called Obagi, but it is expensive and the main activ is the same, so i thought i'd go right to the source and just buy the 4% HQ... full text >>
I had found these products at the recommendation of my dermatologist. They have no perfume and work on the glycloic acid premise. I used these first to work my sensitive skin up to the point were I could tolerate using Retin -A... full text >>
Neostrata line is a wonderful product but hard to come by in many states, including Texas. Some of the more cosmetic products are available at better department stores, which is a start to introduce their line to a more mass market... full text >>
Neostrata Skin Renewal Peel Solution
Neostrata's Skin Renewal Peel Solution contains 10% glycolic acid and 10% gluconolactone. It's intended to be used 3-7 times weekly. I use it usually once a week or as needed, since I'm young and don't want to over-exfoliate. It's effective at what it says it will do: remove dead skin cells... full text >>
NeoStrata Skin smoothing cream
I started about 13 years ago using NeoStrata 8% skin smoothing cream because I had adult acne and I heard about it as an exfoliant. So I started off with 4% and quickly moved on to 8% and noticed my acne was clearing up. So ever since I have used it night and day with other products and my skin has stayed very nice... full text >>
Neostrata Skin Smoothing Cream
This is an 8% AHA cream that I've used daily for the last 7 years. Neostrata offers a lotion and a cream AHA product, so if you prefer a lighter option, the lotion works well also. I initially used the cream every other day to minimize irritation,..... full text >>
Neostrata Smoothing Cream
After using the product for about a week the stinging sensation diminished. I did not notice much improvement until about the 3rd week. I received compliments about the general condition of my skin and I have noticed that my skin appears firmer and definitely smoother with smaller pores... full text >>
Neostrata Spot Pimple Reducer
I found Neostrata Spot Pimple Reducer helps dry up pimples, without drying your skin. Both myself (40 yrs old) and my teenage son are using it and are quite happy with it. We both used to use the salicillic acid type products, or Benzoyl peroxide type products, which tend to dry out the skin more, yet take longer to heal the pimples... full text >>
NeoStrata Total Radiance Vitamin C
This vitamin C product is in gel cap form so I know each application is fresh. It goes on very silky and is absorbed quickly but does not moisturize sufficiently (in addition, I use a combination of retinol with a moisturizer)... full text >>
Neostrata Vitamin C total radiance concentrate
This product makes your skin feel like silk. I started to use some other neostrata products (which i love). The girl at the cosmetic counter recommended this product saying that my skin would feel marvelous... full text >>
NeoStrata Wrinkle Defense
I am thirty six years old and have been noticeing, for the first time, fine lines appearing around my eyes and mouth (the deep ones on my forhead and between my eyes I think have always been there!!). I've been searching ever since for a product to ..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Neostrata Wrinkle Defense Neostrata
I am 42 and have noticed wrinkles appearing under my eyes. Initially, this products left my skin with a burning sensation, but that went away with further applications. After a couple of months , I did notice a reduction in wrinkles under my eyes... full text >>


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