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Patricia Wexler Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Patricia Wexler Acne starter kit
I got this product about a month ago and was excited to see results, as I have struggled with acne for years (im 17) and had heard pleasant things about this kit. I followed the directions step by step every morning and nite, I used this religously as it says to do so... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler Acne Starter Kit
I've purchased this starter pack twice and will continue to use it. It's cheaper than buying the products individually. I think all of them used together provides the best results. My skin is smoother and more glowing than before. I love the face..... full text >>
Patricia Wexler Acne starter kit
I use all items in the kit for over a month. My skin breaks out frequently. I am over 50 so I didn't want anything that would dry out my skin or cause the fine lines to appear deeper. The Exfoliating Cleanser is a light scrub. The Exfoliating Glyco ..... full text >>
Patricia Wexler acne starter kit
I Used This Product Like I Was Supposed To.. All Was Well Till About A Week And A Half Later My Skin Became Dry And Flaky Then My Acne Spread More And Became Big Red And Very Sensitive/ Itchy.. The Only Way I Can Explain The Zits Is More Like Cysts...... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler Anti-Acne Starter Kit
Although this product line causes me some redness and dry spots i found adding a touch more of the moisturizer took care of the dryness. As far as redness goes i only noticed a slight color change and my mineral makeup covered the change with no problem... full text >>
Patricia Wexler Anti-Aging Ideal Daily Skin Care
If you have sensitive skin or combination skin type, this is NOT the product for you. I probably should have tested the product on a hand or the inside of my arm before applying this product directly to my face. Initially, I experienced smooth, glow..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler Anti-aging Serum
Wonderful PRODUCT !! Applied correctly it furnished relief from dry skin, tired skin and wrinkles ! The serum is especially fabulous ~ I was getting wrinkles and dry areas. UNTIL I started using this product ! After reading the directions I applied..... full text >>
Patricia Wexler Anti-Aging Skin Care
The majority of the items offered in this product line are of high quality and reasonably effective in treating aging skin, however, several items do not measure up to claims, and some have negative effects on this consumer's sensitive skin. "No Inj..... full text >>
Patricia Wexler M.D. De-Puff Eye Gel
This product gave me great discomfort. I felt an immediate - and strong - burning sensation when applying under eyes. The discomfort that didn't go away easily and lasted for too long. The results were the contrary to its goals: emphasized dark circles and swollen area all around eyes... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler Exfoliating Glyco Peel System
Although I'm in my late twenties, I still have acne-prone skin and am very wary of trying out new products on my skin. I was hesitant to use this product because it indicates that it's not really for sensitive skin. however, after the first use, I noticed marked improvement in the overall texture of my skin... full text >>
Patricia Wexler Exfoliating Glyco Peel System
This product gives you all the benefits of a professional treatment in your own home. While this product does state that you can use it daily, I only had to use it about twice a week. I have seen dramatic results in the color and texture of my skin...... full text >>
Patricia Wexler MD Exfoliating Glyco Peel System
This is an 10 % glycolic acid peel. The instructions provided by Dr. Wexler are to use this exfoliant daily. DO NOT DO THIS!!! I did this for 5 days and my skin felt dry and raw. I waited about a week before I tried it again. I only used it eve..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler glyco peel
when i first received this product i was very excited to start using it, as i have very problematic skin and am always searching for some kind of "miracle product" or at least something to improve my complexion, even a little. im in my early 20s..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler M.D. MMPi Skin Regenerating Serum
As I mentioned above, this product, which garnered rave reviews on sites such as, is very heavy. It is less a serum and more of an ointment. At first, I was undeterred by this because my skin is very dry. However, shortly after includ..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Patricia Wexler Overnight Cream
I started using Patricia Wexler about 2 years ago and at first it seemed to improve the texture and feel of my skin. I een ercieved 2 compliments. After using the products for 2 years, it feels like they have stopped working. My skin looks dull agai..... full text >>
Patricia Wexler Universal Anti Aging
I have been using this product from almost the time it came out on B&BW shelves and loved the results. I have switched 2x's in the past roughly 4 years to "try" something new. One of the products was Olays professional line, and oh boy, was that a mistake... full text >>
Patricia Wexler Universal Anti-Aging Kit
I am 44 years old and I have tried many products from expensive to cheap to rescue my sun-damaged skin from early aging. I have combination skin with ocassional breakouts, so I have to be careful with anti-aging skin care lines. Most of the anti-a..... full text >>


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