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Principal Secret Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Principal secret 4 in 1 cleanser
By far I rate her products very high, in delivering all you want from a cleanser. Even down to lasting forever. A 3 month size would really last you 6 months. I found the cleanser to be so effective yet so gentle, my skin would immediately feel and look softer and more levelled... full text >>
Principal Secret Advance System
I am 29 years old and I first tried the Reclaim line and like it but after two months of use, my skin became use to the products. I called the number and ordered Advance line and found alot more results in the way my skin looked and feels... full text >>
Principal Secret Advanced Eye Saver Gel
To inform you of my skin type, it is combination with large pores on my nose. And I also have an oily t zone. This way we can relate better... Different skin gets different results. This gel is light and gentle without an overpowering scent. The..... full text >>
Principal Secret Advanced Gentle Enzyme Treatment
I used Victoria Principal Secret in the past and gave up on the club, but still had two unused jars of the Advanced Gentle Enzyme treatment. You scoop the gel from the jar and apply to your wet face, smoothing out all over... full text >>
Principal Secret Gentle Enzyme Treatment
I am a 39 year old blonde fair skin with combo skin. I have some sun damage and brown spots from my early years of baking in the sun. I bought a kit of the Principal Secret and this product was included... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim
I haven't been using the products very long, but already I can see an improvment in my skin. I'm 24, and until now I never took very good care of my skin. But I started to notice that I'm getting the fine lines around my eyes and thought I should start now while they're small... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim
The Reclaim line is the latest of several put out under the Principal Secret brand. It's for more mature skin and contains wrinkle-fighting ingredients such as argilene. The day cream, night cream and improved firming eye cream are quite good. They ..... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim
But MAIN ISSUE: when I tried to cancel it was IMPOSSIBLE to get customer service line to answer. Finally called their new order line, got supv & told her I was done making calls, that THIS WAS MY CALL & to cancel... full text >>
No effect
Prinicpal Secret Reclaim
The Reclaim products are easy to use. After one week I noticed smoother, brighter skin. Wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth, have diminished. My face feels hydrated all day without being oily. Age spots appear to have faded as well. It's ..... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim Deluxe Age Braker Kit
My results were dismal. When I began using the product due to substantial weight loss a pro make-up artist estimated my age at 40 to 45, possibly younger allowing for my outdoor lifestyle, raising horses. I'm 59) After less than two full months of using the entire expensive line my skin has aged over 20 YEARS... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Principal Secret Reclaim Age Braker Line Breaker Serum
I like the product and fortunately the company allows the consumer to tweak the shipment for optimum results. Twice I have made changes and the hotline was wonderful about it. Some products can be purchased at Ebay for less, but I'm satisfied with purchasing at Reclaim... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim Age Braker Line Breaker Serum
I turned 40 and really wanted to start looking into anti-aging skin care. I had known about Agireline for some years and saw an infomercial about Principal Secret's skin care line. I did not want to spend a lot of money, so I found this product on eBay for about $22 for ... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim Cleanser
I am a fair skinned 39 year old woman with combo skin and some sun damage. I purchased this product from a kit offered on TV. It is a cleanser and toner all in one. I was very happy with this product. It took off all my make up including my eye..... full text >>
Principal secret reclaim cleanser
I am in my forty's with combination skin and a few fine lines. This is a lotion cleanser that smells wonderful, after using it my skin did feel soft and moisturized, but it did not feel as though it actually cleansed my skin thoughly. I felt like i needed to use a toner afterwards to get off the remaining makeup that was left behind... full text >>
No effect
Principal Secret Reclaim Eye Cream
I am a 39 year old fair skinned woman with combo skin. I do have sun damage and large pores, and faint crows feet. I bought this product as part of a kit. I used it religiously for 2 months, however I have not seen a huge improvement. It moistu..... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim eye cream
I ordered the Principal Secret kit for Reclaim. It came fairly quickly. I did not receive all the bonus gifts as advertised. As far as the products they are ok. I don't know that they actually relax the wrinkle lines as advertised, however, my skin..... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim Total Facial Cleanser
I have used other all in one cleansers including Philosophy and Meaningful Beauty, and this is by far the best one. It really works and it smells great, like tropical fruit. Being a new Mom, I do not have time to use makeup removers and individual cleansers and toners... full text >>
Principal Secret Reclaim with argireline
I am 41 and have nice skin, light fair complexion with alot of previous sun exposure. I used Mary Kay in my young adulthood, some Avon, a few other products. I have normal skin normally now with dryness in the winter. I started using Reclaim with Argirilene 3 years ago... full text >>
Principal Secret reclaim with Argireline
Provides immediate results for the short term if someone wanted to use this for an upcoming wedding or special occasion. Over long term: Break outs and redness, irritation under eyes and an appearance of more wrinkles At first this product line impressed me because wrinkles did seem to diminish slightly as promised... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Principal Secret Reclaim with Argireline
I tried this product line after seeing the infomercial on television. I ordered the starter kit for $35 and received the shipment within just a few days. When I followed up with the day cream my skin just seemed to get more oily which in turn made my make up run and made my pores appear larger... full text >>
No effect
Principal Secret Total Facial Cleanser
I have been using this cleanser and the Principal Secret products for about a year now. I love them! I am 53 and have a fair complexion that can become irritated by makeup and other products. I also have rosacea. It has helped calm my rosacea..... full text >>
Principal Secret with Argireline
I am 37 and have started seeing fine lines under my eyes and the beginning of crows feet. I was excited to use the Principal Secret line after I saw the informercial, however I have been terribly disappointed. Contrary to what is stated in the inf..... full text >>
Adverse Effects


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