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Serious Skin Care Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Serious Skin Care A-Defiance
I purchased this product line for the benefits of anti aging and wrinkle and pore reduction. I am 41 years old and have a long family history of poor skin and felt that now that I am seeing dramatic negative aging changes in a very short time that I better start a program bifore it is too late to reverse the damage... full text >>
No effect
Serious Skin Care A-Force
A-Force is the serum product of Serious Skin Care's vitamin A line. It applies easily to the skin and is readily absorbed. I noticed a big difference in the texture of my skin after one week of use. In fact, one application seemed to make a differ..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care C-extreme results
I am a product junkie. With the Cextreme Results, my face feels very tight and smooth after a treatment. The pores along my nose are almost absent. One can scrub too hard, but you find what works for you. I've been using the product once every..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care (C-No More Wrinkles)
C-No More Wrinkles eye and face serum, turns your face brown. It does nothing for wrinkles. If you purchase the whole C NO MORE WRINKLE 'KIT', you will be given 2 or 3 products that you will not use or need... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Serious Skin Care C no Wrinkle Night Creme
I bought a C-No Wrinkle kit from HSN. I was disappointed to discover that Serious Skin Care used mineral oil in their products.I have researched hundreds hundred of ingredients that are used in skin care formulas. Mineral Oil is the least expensiv..... full text >>
No effect
Serious Skin Care C-Repair Night Cream
After applying this cream at night, I find that my skin is more clear and radiant in the morning. Seems to have a nice and gentle exfoliation overnight. I found this to be non-irritating as well. I found that most Serious skin care products are..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care C-serum
I have tried so many skin care products with little or no change to my skin. I've been using the Serious Skin Care C-no wrinkle line for about 3 months now. It claims to repair deep wrinkles and I haven't seen that it can do that... full text >>
Serious Skin Care Continuously Clear Line
I've been using the Serious Skin Care - Continuously Clear skin care line for several months now and have seen excellent results in reduction of breakouts and general oilyness of my T-zone areas. It has 3 steps: Cleanser - which has these cleansing..... full text >>
serious skin care dry-lo
I have tried this medication for 1 month now and am seeing "ok-average" results. This treatment, i would say is good because you would see immediate results. the only problem i have with this treatment is that this medication dries the skin too much even if you apply once a day... full text >>
Serious Skin Care Eyetality
There are two moisturizers included in this kit. The "good morning blend" and "good night blend" with each a listing of what looks like 100 ingredients each. More isn't always better. I was really hoping for something to help with under eye puffyness and age lines... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Serious Skin Care Fading Fluid
I used to have a splattering of freckles across my nose. I don't know why but it really bothered me. After a few months of use they were completely gone. Several years have passed, I am now 37. I have a few age spots and using the Fading Fluid..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care First Pressed Olive Oil Eye Balm
This is a great product, I bought this as an 8 piece kit on a whim, and I actually saw much improvement the first time I used it. Lines were diminished under my eyes, and my skin the first week started to look great. This whole line will be great for the winter months... full text >>
serious skin care glycolic cleanser
This cleanser makes other products work better. I noticed a difference in my skin using the same products when I ran out of this cleanser and used another one. It deep cleans the black heads and makes your face feel great. I have tried several..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care Ice Age
This product is much better(in my opinion to SSC Insta-tox. Make up can be applied over it(I would put a thin layer of Rulena FX in between) It diffuses the light for under eye circles and reduces the appears of lines instantly. Over time I showed noticeable improvement on my eleven lines,nose to mouth lines etc... full text >>
Serious Skin Care Insta Tox
I didn't see any results from this product in fact it left white flakes on my skin. I have used other products that promise the same results and had better luck. I do like most Serious Skin Care prducts but this one is not one I would recommend...... full text >>
No effect
Serious Skin Care InstA-tox
I was very skeptical about trying InstAtox because the crevices on my forehead were deep. I was absolutely stunned the first time I used the product. It is very easy to use. You must apply it on a clean face and only in the areas you need it. Squir..... full text >>
serious skin care instatox
at first it did seem like a miracle. after 3 minutes every wrinkle on my face disappeared. unfortunately as soon as i smiled the wrinkles around my mouth,which are my biggest concern due to smoking,came right back. it also lost effectiveness as soon as i applied moisturizer,which is an absolute must for my 47 year old skin... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Serious Skin Care - InstA-Tox Wrinkle Smoothing
Here we go again with another cosmetic company claiming to have a non-drug, instant solution to cosmetic Botox. Will this never end? If you have sensitive skin you should be aware that potential irritation can occur if you apply InstA-tox daily... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Serious Skin Care A Kit
I am a 27 year old african-american female with combination/dry skin. After watching the presentations of Serious Skin Care on HSN for a long time a finally ordered it. I liked the peel because it removed these stubborn dry patches on my cheeks that would not go away no matter what I did... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Serious Skin Care Olive Eye Balm
This serum is so viscious that sometimes it does not even come out when the bottle is held upside down without a cap. Despite that, it does not seem to moisturize particularly well . I saw no effects... full text >>
No effect
Serious Skin Care Olive Oil Line
I love this line. An oil that isn't oily. Add water to the cleanser and it emulsifies into a great foam. Removes every stich of my makeup. The olive serum is fabulous and soaks into my skin completely. I love every single product in this line. ..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care Olive Oil Line
The smell is so overpowering, I couldn't even stand it in my house. Why oh why I fall for these things baffles me. When you buy the eye creamerum, you get .5 oz but the buyer forgets that when a big bottle arrives. Open the container & look in it....... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Serious Skin Care Resveratrol Drench (Cream and Pads)
I am sixty with very dry skin , not too many lines but it's dull.I purchased the Resveratrol Drench pads and Reveratrol skin cream and love the results.I am on my second jar and I found this to be one of the best products I have tried. Skin feels..... full text >>
serious skin care reverse lift
like the results and the tightness and the lines around my mouth are diminishing, can see results. Not a lot of expense on the packaging. Nice fragrance and texture, of all the products. My eyes have improved already, and the mouth lines are lifti..... full text >>
Serious Skin Care Reverse Lift Cream
I ordered the Serious Skin Care Reverse Lift Cream after seeing a half-face demo on a model who used it on half her face. After I received it, I applied it 2 X a day with upward strokes - and after about 2 weeks, a girlfriend said I loooked as though I had light surgery... full text >>
Reverse lift eye cream by serious skin care
I am 43 years old with combination skin. I have started getting wrinkles a little more pronounced in the last year. I have tried many different eye creams and they have helped somewhat. This eye cream so far has provided the best benefits than I ..... full text >>


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