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St. Ives Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
St Ives 24 Hour Moisture with Hydratein
St Ives 24 Moisture is a suprisingly good product. It manages to do what it advertises, and that's keep my skin feeling moisturized all throughout the day. With the 24 Hour Moisture, I apply it first thing in the morning before applying makeup, and I reapply it after I wash my face before bed, but that goes without saying... full text >>
St Ives Apricot Scrub
I've used this product once a week for over a year and I love it. It not only cleans out my pores really thoroughly, but it doesn't dry my skin out, and it leaves it smooth and extremely soft! Especially the next morning if I use it before bed, whe..... full text >>
st ives apricot scrub
I have been using tretinoin for my skin, because it tend to break out... a lot. Anyways... this medicine makes my skin peel, and so I counteract the peeling with st. ives scrub. It always gives me glowing skin, and makes my foundation go on so muc..... full text >>
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
excellent exfoliater. skin is not left rough. definetely sloughs all dead skin cells and i found that if a person has mild breakouts but frequently that are very annoying, (this is me basically), an excellent exfoliater prevents many of these breako..... full text >>
St. Ives Apricot scrub
I love St. Ives Apricot scrub. I use it to systematically exfoliate all areas of my body. It is a wonderful and inexpensive way to keep elbows and knees smooth, and to keep skin from building up dry skin cells. I suffer from ingrown hairs and this..... full text >>
St. Ives Blackhead and Blemish Scrub
I began using this scrub about two and a half years ago towards the end of my sophomore year in high school. Ives product user (she started using them in her teens, too), and recommended that I try some of their facial products as I was having some problems with acne and oily skin... full text >>
St Ives clay mask
I had purchased the St Ives Over the counter clay mask. I was looking for a product that was inexpensive, and easily found at any drug store or grocery store. When I used it, I immediately saw smoother skin, smaller pore sizes, a better complexion, and less drying... full text >>
St Ives Collagen-Elastin Essential Moisturizer
I am 33 years old and have a few lines cropping on my face that I would like to see less of. I was always told that collagen break down in the skin is what was causing fine lines and wrinkles. Ives Collan-Elastin Moisturizer would reduce the appearance of the fine lines... full text >>
No effect
St. Ives Cucumber and Elastin Eye and Face Stress Gel
After trying so many products that made my skin extremely sensitive, it felt nice applying something that didn't burn or produced redness. I liked the fact that the gel was loaded with natural extracts. Also, I didn't know if I was supposed to use it alone or under another product or if it affected the effectiveness of the anti-wrinkle cream I was applying over it... full text >>
No effect
St Ives Cucumber Melon Moisture Therapy Lotion
I used to love St Ives lotions until i tried this one. I decided to try it because I couldnt find the vanilla one, which used to be my favourite. It does what it says, moisturizes and everything, but it seems to wear off in a coupla hours, unlike the vanilla one... full text >>
No effect
St. Ives Exfoliating Scrub
I found this product at a grocery store. That should tell you a lot right there! It only cost around Three bucks! The product is used by simply moistening the face, then gently massaging into the skin, followed by rinsing. It is not good to leave thi..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
St Ives Hydroxy cleanser
This 'age-defying' hydroxy cleanser is a good moisturizer. It must have some glycolic acid in it because it leaves a tingle on my face which is characteristic of alpha-hydroxy acids. It does tend to fade wrinkes and fine lines and in this respect it is worth the money... full text >>
St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub
To sum it up, St. Ives is good in theory and has nice smelling and good feeling products, but the benefit stops there. Green tea is 14th on the ingredients list and it is surrounded by a bunch of hard-to-pronounce synthetic chemicals. Also, the gree..... full text >>
No effect
St. Ives Peel-Off Hydroxy Masque
I would recommend this product more for aged skin, although it has lovely benefits for younger skin. It used it on my aunt and you should have seen the difference! Be careful when you apply it. It is a bit sticky and runny, so if it runs into your ..... full text >>
St. Ives Peel-Off Hydroxy Masque
This product is in a 6oz tube, and is available at most drugstores. The instructions are easy to follow. You simply smooth the masque on to your face, and wait for it to dry completely, at which time it is peeled off the face... full text >>
St. Ives Pure Retinol Capsules
I have NEVER received such amazing and noticable results as I did with this product. My skin had an uneven tone, discoloration, and a few wrinkles. After using this product, my face glowed. My skin looked as good as it did when I was tweleve, before the ance stage... full text >>
St Ives Purifying Clear Pore Cleanser
This product does an excellent job of gentle cleansing without overdrying. I use a benzoyl peroxide cream on my face, which can cause irritation and peeling if I am not careful to keep moisturized, and so my cleanser has to be gentle yet still suitable for oily skin... full text >>
St. Ives CoQ10 eye cream
This product works great underneath make up. I found no caking or greasyness. Applys very easy under makeup. Absorbs quickly. I have used it for the past two years and my lack or crows feet may be due to the cream or good genes. My undereye does ..... full text >>
St. Ives Retinol Anti-Wrinkle
Though I'm only in my mid twenties, I have begun to notice the development of a few fine lines here and there on my face, especially on my forehead. Additionally, I've always had a sort of crease, almost a dent, on my forehead after a little incident on the stairs as a toddler... full text >>
St Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Scrub
I am in my mid-30s, caucasian with freckles and some fine lines around my eyes. I have always liked the St Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Scrub as an exfoliant and recently switched to the same line's "Renew and Firm" scrub with alpha hydroxy... full text >>


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