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You are here: Reviews > Product Reviews > Index by Brand > Sudden Change

Sudden Change Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Sudden Change All Day Under-Eye Lift
I am 59 years old. Very disappointed in this product. I guess the saying "if it's too good to be true....". Won't purchase this product again. There is an extensive line of Sudden Change Products - even a web-site. I don't understand how the U.S...... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Sudden Change Eye serum
I have used this for so long,that i am sure there have been at least 5 formula changes.Through trial and error,i have found this to be the easiest way that works.Use 2 drops,ON SECOND FINGER;pat lightly under each eye .wait two minutes;if there is..... full text >>
Sudden Change Eye Serum
This is one of the best eye serums on the market. I now purchase on line and pay a premium and I order 1/2 dozen at a time as I don't ever want to run out. In the past I have spent hundreds of dollars on eye serums that do not work -- this one does and it is relatively very inexpensive... full text >>
Sudden Change Fade Away Dark Circles
I tried the Sudden Change Fade away dark circles and did not see any result. I am not sure what it is supposed to do but it did not seem to do anything. The Sudden Change dark circle concealer was okay, but no better than a lot of other concealers that I have tried... full text >>
No effect
Sudden Change Green Tea Night Repair Eye Cream
This product works like magic. It eliminates dark circles and lines, but you must use it on a regular basis. Just consider it like some type of a mosturizer that you use daily for your skin, which is also is for your under-eye care. You should apply..... full text >>
Sudden Change instant under eye serum
I am a forty six year old woman and I was starting to get bags under my eyes in the morning. They would last all day and sometimes several days in a row. I saw this product in Wal-Mart and bought it... full text >>
Sudden Change Intensive Green Tea Serum
I started using this product about two years ago after reading some great reviews about it. I didn't have high hopes , because more often than not , other things I have tried in the past just didn't work. It says " noticable results in 1 week" , and I must say it was within two weeks I noticed my fine lines being noticably reduced... full text >>
Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum
I thought I would give this product a try because it was on sale for 7. It was like putting on a watered down version of super glue on my eye. I'm 45 years old and have very light wrinkles under my eyes but, when I applied this product it produced verticle wrinkles that I normally do not have... full text >>
Adverse Effects
sudden Change Under eye gel
I have been bothered with puffiness and circles under my eyes for some time. I was delighted when Sudden Change came along. I have been using Sudden Change Under eye Gel for sometime now. It really does work to remove puffiness but I have had trouble lately with it leaving a powdery deposit on my skin which spoils the effect... full text >>
Sudden Change Under Eye Gel
I purchased Sudden Change Under Eye Gel almost a year ago. At first, I was extremely pleased. A few minutes after application, the solution looked like a thin sheet of white, translucent plastic under my eyes... full text >>
Sudden Change Under-Eye Gel
I purchased "sudden change eye gel" to reduce the puffiness and bags under my eyes. According to the manf. this was the product for me. It was not. I applied it religiously for more than 2 weeks and saw absolutely no effect. It neither reduced the..... full text >>
No effect
Sudden Change under-eye lift
I received this product as a gift from my 12 yr. After following the directions, within seconds of applying, I felt something was wrong. To my horror, the skin under my eyes had become hideously lumpy, with deep lines etched between each lump... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum
I'm a middle aged guy who has a hereditary disposition of having bags "puffiness" under his eyes. The Sudden Change under eye serum works for a very short time - 15 to 20 minutes. After application (using the recommended 1 or 2 drops for each eye),..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Sudden Change Under Eye Lift Serum
I can't live without this product. When I traded in my eyeglasses for contacts I discovered the dark circles under my eyes. Now I apply Sudden Change after my moisturizer and before my makeup. It's so effective that a 50-year old male friend went ..... full text >>
Sudden Change Under Eye Lift Serum
I am so disappointed with the Sudden Change Under Eye Lift Serum not just because it was almost $10 and didn't work but it actually GIVES YOU NEW WRINKLES - twice as many as you had before. Do not buy this product under any circumstance, it is the biggest rip off in "wrinkle serums" I have encountered so far and I would be crazy to recommend it to anyone... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Sudden Change Under Eye Serum
I tried the Sudden Change Under Eye Serum about a year ago. I was beginning to wonder if it had been taken off the market by FDA due to some adverse reactions or some other problem because I've had a hard time finding it in stores... full text >>
Sudden Change Under Eye Serum
I am a 35 year old African-American woman. In January of 2002, I purchased Sudden Under Eye Serum because I'd noticed puffiness. That was the first time I had to be concerned with any skin problems. After about a month of using the product, I'd devel..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Sudden Change Under Eye Serum
This is such a great product, I don't understand why it's not more well known. I discovered it a few years ago just by chance and was abolutely thrilled with the results. I'm 43 years old and started getting bags under my eyes about 4 years ago. You..... full text >>
Sudden Change under eye serum
I would recommend Sudden Change, but you have to reapply when it starts to flake off. If I can find something that doesn't flake off and get dry and crusty I would buy it over this. I have tried adding stuff to it to try to avoid the flakiness and adding foundation to it makes it worse... full text >>
Sudden Change Under Eye Serum
I highly recommend Sudden Change Under Eye Serum. I had developed a bag under one eye from overuse of an acne product to treat a scar which dried out the skin under my eye. After only one use of Sudden Change, it appeared to act like a filler and now my eyes look the same... full text >>
Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum
I just returned Sudden Change Under-eye Lift Serum for a refund. At best, it had no effect at all. But after one of the applications, it actually made the skin under my eyes much crepier. It also sometimes left a residue (like dried egg-white--whcih..... full text >>
No effect
Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum
I am so happy that I discovered this product, and I am pleased to give it a glowing review. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I feel that I have FINALLY found an under-eye treatment that actually delivers what it promises... full text >>
sudden change under-eye firming serum
I found that this product had no effect whatsoever. If anything it made underneath your eyes even puffier because it tightens it making it more noticable. Also, did not do anything for my dark circles which the commercial guarantees it will. Very..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Sudden Change Undereye Serum
After some practice and learning the knack of application, you will never use anything else. I have used the serum for three years and cannot be without it. It begins to wear off after about 5-6 hours, but does an amazing job. I have read the oth..... full text >>
Sudden Change undereye serum
I started using Sudden Change under-eye serum almost 15 years ago. I am 66 years old now and I use it everyday; with or without make-up. I can honestly say it is the most important facial product I use. Several years ago, my husband and I went out..... full text >>


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