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Vichy Reviews by Users

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order. The reviewer's overall conclusion (rating) is listed on the right. To view a full review, click on the appropriate link.

Product / Review Excerpt Rating
Vichy Lipo metric Cellulite Reducing Treatment
I did a lot of reviews on the net to determine the best anti-cellulite cream. The one thing I noticed was that all the anti-celluite cream websites looked similar. I believe that companies are hosting these websites and they are in fact scams... full text >>
Vichy Normaderm
I am 21 years old and have really oily, sensitive skin. When I turned 20 I started having a real acne problem, much worse than I used to have when I was a teenager. I changed all my skincare products and tried lots of acne treatments and nothing seemed to work... full text >>
Vichy Triple Action Normaderm 3-in-1 cleanser
I am African American with dark brown, combination skin. This product was recommended by an African American skin care specialist at Walgreen's who told me this brand helped her with her oily, acne-prone skin... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel
This stuff is the harshest product I've tried yet (compared to Effaclar, Avene, Clearasil, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Cetaphil, Obage, and high usage of Retin-A or Benzoyl Peroxide). This cleanser caused a reaction, creating more acne where I NEVER had it, on my neck, my skin got flaky all over, felt tight, and breakouts kept peeling instead of healing... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Vichy Normaderm
I've tried dermalogica, clean start, every other vichy product, neautrogena, body shop, everything in shoppers drug mart, without true satisfaction. I started using vichy about a year ago, the pink foamy wash and it was very gentle and nice although it did contain fragnance... full text >>
Vichy Novadiol
NOVADIOL was introduced around 2003 as a treatment against sagging skin as a result of hormonal depletion. ) As such, it was marketed "for women over 50". I was well under fifty at the time, but I tried it because I suspected that my hormonal levels were lower than they should be... full text >>
Vichy Pureté Thermale for Sensitive Skin
I bought Vichy Pureté Thermale cleanser and eye cream with reti-C a few years ago. Prices run $15-$25. I'm 37 yrs old, my skin is combination, acne-prone, red-prone, and very sensitive. Vichy normalized my skin out and reduced my acne significant..... full text >>
Vichy reti-c
The product said promised "radiant skin in 15 days", but before you can have radiant skin, this product causes your skin to peel and itch. My skin felt like I just got a sun burn, I have been using sunscreen every day because the retinol makes your ..... full text >>
Adverse Effects
Vichy Reti-C
I had a problem with severe melasma brought about an unexpected adverse reaction to a treatment (Triluma) recommended by my dermatologist. I used Reti-C by Vichy for about 3-4 weeks only as I ran out of it. I used this is combination with diamond peel and Vit C serum (Dermatics)... full text >>


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