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Skin Care Review: Glycolic Acid

by Linda Moore, Las Vegas, NV USA


Diminishes fine lines and doesn't diminish your bank account!

Skin can look red and crusty while healing and the overall process is a slow one.

After doing research on the internet to find out how to diminish fine lines on the face, I learned that ¡¥glycolic acid¡¦ seems to be the most popular ingredient used in anti-wrinkle creams and in doctors¡¦ offices for the purpose of peeling the face. Rather than pay the huge fees doctors want to apply glycolic acid, I decided I¡¦d try some FREE samples of skin rejuvenating creams that contain glycolic acid (made by Neostrata and MD Forte) and both were effective in that they caused very light skin peeling after several applications. The percentage of glycolic acid they contain is very small, however, and the cost of these creams is very high¡K.and I found out you can buy just the glycolic acid alone for a fraction of the price of the commercialized creams. I bought a small bottle of glycolic acid (30% strength) on Ebay for $7 (and the bottle should last me for months!) and I¡¦m currently experimenting with it to monitor the results. The directions recommend applying it to your face only once a week, and I did that the first few weeks, but my skin didn¡¦t peel. So I gradually increased my use of it and now I¡¦m applying the acid once a day (for five minutes) for several days in a row to specific areas of my face that have fine lines and I¡¦m getting the peeling I want and the lines seem to be slowly diminishing. You have to be willing to put up with a stinging sensation when you apply the acid, but it only lasts for a few minutes, and then you wash it off. You also have to understand that in order for the glycolic acid to do its job, it has to ¡¥burn¡¦ the top layer of your skin so it will peel and make way for the new, fresh skin underneath¡K.and that means the areas of the face where the acid is applied will look red and dry for a few days before the peeling takes place and you may have to cover up those areas with makeup if you go out in public. (That¡¦s why I¡¦m only doing small areas at a time.) Also, after applying the acid for a few days in a row, you have to stop applying it and give the skin a rest. It¡¦s a process of burning, peeling and healing¡Kand then repeating that process¡K.until you feel you have achieved the results you want. In other words, this is a long and gradual process, but doing it this way is certainly a gentler and much more affordable process than getting laser resurfacing done or some other major skin treatment which I understand makes your face look like raw hamburger meat and takes weeks to heal before you can show your face in public¡K.and for us working girls who can¡¦t take that kind of time off¡K.glycolic acid applied at home on your own schedule is the next best thing! Happy peeling! ƒº

It's inexpensive and YOU stay in control (reducing stress), so I highly recommend it!

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