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Skin Care Review: Loreal Refinish Microdermabrasion kit

by Heather, Mineola, NY USA

Adverse Effects

Supposedly improves skin texture,minimizes pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone.

Breakouts after use, more uneven skin texture.

I am completely not satisfied w/this product. I have been using it for 3 weeks now. It makes claims that immediete results are achieved such as smooth flwaless skin texture upon first use and all the other benefits are achieved with 4 weeks of use. It recommends 2-3 uses per week, I chose 3 uses per week since I am more on the oily/combination skin side and this is what it recommends. The first week, the only thing I noticed was a smooth feeling immedietely after using, but within an hour, my skin was back to feeling bumpy uneven and dull. I was not happy but figured it would take time and perseverance, so I continued. I have used it 9 times already in 3 weeks so I should be starting to receive the benefits but instead I am now having adverse effects. This last week I have received more breakouts than usual and my skin is now feeling even more bumpy and uneven than it did before. I thought maybe this has to happen in order to get rid of all the problems and impurites and make way for the fresh smoot flawless skin underneath, however, if that were the case, it should have happened in the first 2 weeks and improvements should be happening now, but instead I received nothing in first 2 weeks and am having problems now. Originally my skin is combination/oily and not smooth and I have large pores so I was looking for the smoothing effects and the minimizing of pores it promises (no effect on pores yet). I also do not feel that the moisturizer applied afterward does anything, it seems like a basic moisturizer to me. I have been using a quarter size amount as suggested and after 9 uses, it seems I only have about 5 uses left of the scrub, yet I still have a full bottle of the post treatment moisturizer since it is very oily and not much is needed to cover the face. I feel that more of the scrub should be given for the $25 price and less of the moisturizer which does not seem to have any of the important ingredients in it. I will continue to use this and hope for the best, you never know, maybe it will get better next week but so far I am very unhappy. I will probably call Loreal and complain if I receive no results after entire use, or if I keep receiving negative results. However, this is the 3rd time I have had an experience like this with one of their products. I am one of those people who always buys new products when they come out and see if they work. As long as they at least provide minimal results I do not complain, I just don't buy the item again if it does not work so great, however when an item is expensive or makes claims that are completely false, I feel it is necessary to contact the company. I had this happen when they came out with the "Pure Zone" line which was for acne prone skin, I bought all 3 products in the line for 8 dollars each and they made me break out, I also bought a haircolor from them once to make my naturally blond hair turn strawberry blond temporarily and it did nothing at all! I contacted the company both times and they gave me such a run aroun, I had to send the empty bottle sback to them and wait months before receiving a refund or a credit, so now I feel like this is my own fault for buying yet another new Loreal product and ending up feeling ripped off. I do however, loyally buy some good products from them that is why I continue to try the new ones as well, but this time I will feel stupid if I have to contact them again for yet another horrendous experience.

So, on that note, I only hope some improvements start to show next week.

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