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Skin Care Review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar for Dry, Sensitive Skin

by Cathy G, New York, NY USA


Excellent moisturizer. Makes even extremely dry skin glow.

Only drawback is the price. The good news is that 2 oz. lasts one to three months.

I have always had dry and very sensitive skin. Every deep moisturizer I tried still dried out when I even a tiny bit of make-up on, making my skin flaky. This moisturizer gives my skin a fresh glow and all the flakiness is gone. You need very little to cover your face and neck so it can last a relatively long time if you stretch it. The only drawback is the price. I often ask for a gift certificate for Christmas so that I can feel better about buying it for myself, because in NYC when you add the tax it's almost $40.

I highly recommend this product.

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