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Firming eye area skin

The skin under the eye is particularly thin and tends to sag easily. Therefore, firming is particularly important for this area. Keep in mind that true firming is not the same as temporary tightening achieved by "instant lift" type of products. These products use chemical agents that pull at the skin surface smoothing it temporarily - without any positive long-term effect on the skin itself. Firming, on the other hand, is supposed to make skin itself less saggy and more elastic. As with most things health-related, it is much easier to prevent sagging than to reverse it. If you have any morning puffiness, it needs to be minimized. Even that alone may improve your skin tone and elasticity over time.

Another helpful toning/firming routine is to use an ice cube of frozen green tea at the beginning of your cleansing routine. A combination of cold and caffeine in the tea tones the underlying blood vessels, and possibly the skin itself albeit modestly.

Even though numerous firming and toning products are on the market, only one firming ingredient DMAE (and possibly some of its chemical derivatives) is backed up by at least some plausible evidence. However, a recent safety controversy suggests caution when using DMAE, particularly in the sensitive eye area. See our DMAE article for more details. See also tips for the eye area submitted by our visitors.

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