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Skin Care Tip: It looked liked his face had been ironed!

submitted by Linda Olney, GA USA

"Have you done anything to your face lately?" I asked my husband.

"No, why?" He answered.

"Well it looks like your face has been ironed" I said. And indeed it had.

Well then of course I had to go back in my mind and figure out what the heck I had given him, that was different from his normal supplements. Then it hit me. I'd been giving him Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) for a while and added ROYAL JELLY gel caps about a month earlier, to boost his energy. BINGO! That was it. Those were the only 2 things I had given him lately, other than his normal supplements. Well I just couldn't believe it. Those lines and wrinkles around his eyes were pretty much gone. So to test this again, I had my step mom, whose face was showing advanced signs of aging, you know, lots of wrinkles, try the same combination. Voila! It happened again. Her co-workers were impressed. Needless to say, they all started on the same combo. Taking it on a regular basis is the key. Give it a try. This is just my experience, see what experience you have and let us know. No mean mouthing now if you don't get good results. I'm sure there are other factors at play here like diet, smoking, too much sugar, additional supplements etc... If nothing else, these are 2 super supplements that won't hurt you at all. Google them and see.

Now here is what we used:

A good brand of ALA supplement like Jarrow. Trader Joe brand is a good one as well and less expensive than Jarrow. We used 1-2 100 mg. capsules per day. Get the Royal Jelly in either capsules or gel caps & Follow the dosage on the label. Don't get crazy over dosage. Just see what works for you & be sure to use capsules or gel caps, not tablets. They can be hard to break down and I wouldn't use the Royal Jelly to late in the day as it can energize a person.


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