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Homemade Skin Care Recipe: Cool teabag eye compress

Tip description / details:
Cool tea bags are a popular remedy for eye puffiness. Tea polyphenols act as an astringent tightening the skin while caffeine in the tea promotes drainage of fluid from extracellular space. Coldness of the bags helps constrict blood vessels, further reducing puffiness. Tea polyphenols (found in any tea, but especially plentiful in green tea) are also antioxidants, and thus may provide other skin benefits as well.

Two bags of green or black tea per application

How to prepare:
Place the tea bags in warm water, steep for a few seconds, wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for half an hour.

How to use:
Place the cool, moist tea bags on closed eyes. Recline and relax for ten to twenty minutes.

Costs involved:


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