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Nonablative Cosmetic Laser: Pulsed dye 585/595 nm lasers (N-Lite, Cynosure, Candela)

Generic name: Pulsed dye 585 nm and variable-pulse 595 nm lasers

Brand(s): N-Lite, Cynosure, Candela

Function / Purpose:
Particularly useful for vascular lesions, such as spider veins, port wine stains. May also be useful for hyperpigmentation, fine lines and small wrinkles.

Pulse dye is a yellow laser considered particularly effective for vascular lesions, such as spider veins, port wine stains. Other reported uses include hyperpigmentation, photo-rejuvenation, scars and stretch marks.

The newer 595 nm systems (Candela) seem to have advantages over the older 585 nm ones (N-Lite, Cynosure). Excessive burning reported with 585 systems seems to have been reduced in 595 nm devices. Also, the longer 595 nm wavelength allows slightly deeper penetration and may be more effective on some vascular lesions.

Notably, some pulsed-dye models, such as N-lite, have been marketed primarily as a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Indeed, 585 and 595 nm wavelengths reach the upper dermis and stimulate collagen synthesis and some skin remodeling. However, longer wavelength lasers capable of reaching lower dermis may be more effective for wrinkles due to greater dermal penetration. Some argue that hybrid systems combining 595 and 1024 nm lasers (e.g. Cynergy) are even better as they properly distribute energy throughout the thickness of the dermis. However, it remains to be demonstrated in clinical studies whether such hybrid systems are indeed more effective for wrinkles than their constituent lasers alone.

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