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You are here: Biology of Aging

Biology of Aging

The skin does not exist in isolation from the rest of the body. Hence, skin rejuvenation has a much better chance of success as a part of a comprehensive anti-aging strategy. Even if the skin could be rejuvenated independently, what good is a 20-year old looking skin in the body that feels eighty. Besides, the anti-aging measures for the body benefit the skin too.

This section is designed to help you understand the essential biology of aging -- how the aging process works under the hood. Of course, you can jump to the more practical sections of this site at any time. However, good understanding of what science knows about the aging process can be valuable. Among other things, it can help you figure out which anti-aging products and promotions make scientific sense and which ones are just smoke.

I have tried to cover all key biological aspects of the aging process without making it too simplistic yet keeping it brief and readable. Since this is a complex subject, occasional passages may sound a bit too scientific.

Mechanisms and Theories of Aging

Mechanisms of aging (introduction)
Free radicals
DNA damage and repair
Cellular clock
Central aging clock
Glycation and cross-linking
Mitochondrial burnout
Accumulation of wastes
Accumulation of senescent cells
Gene deregulation
Stem cell dysfunction

Misc Biology of Aging

Aging and stress
Evolution of aging

Life Extension, Rejuvenation

Restoring cellular NAD: a possible new key to anti-aging
Sirtuins, longevity and skin rejuvenation
Reversing accumulation of senescent cells

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