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Freebie Finder: Index of Free Samples and Trial Offers

Just like gasoline and real estate, the costs of skin care and beauty products seem to be ever increasing. One of the ways to reduce costs is to use free samples and/or free trials. It is well known that even products backed by credible science do not work for everyone due to individual variations in skin biochemistry. It may take many false starts before you find something effective. Having to pay full price for every product you try may be a heavy burden, especially when many fail to work.

Free samples may help. However, there is no such thing as free lunch. You have to be prudent in dealing with companies that offer free samples. Be aware that some require a credit card and charge shipping and handling. Others may bill or charge you after the trial period (and/or enroll you in autoship/autopay), unless you explicitly contact them to cancel. Whether or not it is worth requesting a free sample or a free trial, depends on how good the product seems to be, strings attached, reputation of the company, and other factors. In many cases, you can win the free sample game as long as you have time to play it, possess common sense, can read fine print and don't forget to cancel the trials you do not wish to continue. And, yes, we recommend having a good spam filter for your email.

In this section, we have compiled the index of various free sample and trial offers currently available on the web. We also included additional details to help you get the most of these offers. However, since the merchants often change the rules of their offers, make sure you double-check the terms and conditions for yourself.

We tried to screen out gimmicky, dubious and expired offers, but there still may be some bad apples on the list. If you spot one, please report to

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