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Skin and Nutrition Infopack

While optimal nutrition alone is unlikely to have an effect of a face lift, it may improve skin texture & tone, and even reduce fine lines. More important, ignoring optimal nutrition as a part of skin care program can reduce or even nullify the benefits of your topical skin care treatments. (See also our article Does nutrition make a difference in skin rejuvenation?)

We have created Skin and Nutrition Infopack to help you work out a practical way to adjust your nutrition towards optimal skin health and prevent premature skin aging caused by nutrient deficiencies. The infopack includes the following:

  • True role of nutrition in skin care; benefits and limitations.
  • Optimal diet for the skin: key guidelines.
  • Tuning your carbohydrate metabolism to slow down skin aging (and overall aging for that matter).
  • Vitamins and minerals critical for skin health. Subclinical deficiencies. Ensuring optimal intakes through food choices and/or supplements.
  • Antioxidants: Which dietary antioxidants are particularly beneficial for the skin and why. Balancing water and fat-soluble antioxidants. Optimal intake. The easiest ways to improve antioxidant intake.
  • Conditionally essential nutrients: Vital compounds that body produces in amounts often insufficient for optimal skin health. Optimizing intake of conditionally essential nutrients.
  • The steps suggested in the infopack may bring many other health and longevity benefits.

You can get a free copy of Skin and Nutrition Infopack by contributing to our site a short review of your experience with any skin care product, treatment or procedure ( to submit a review, click here ), or by contributing a brief article about any of your skin care or beauty practices that may in your view benefit others ( to submit a skin care tip, click here ).

Alternatively, you can purchase Skin and Nutrition Infopack either via internet or regular mail. (Note: If you are interested in several infopacks, click here for a cost-effective way to get the entire set.)

To order Skin and Nutrition Infopack online (electronic version, $7), click PayPal button below. After ordering, make sure to follow the link from PayPal back to to be able to view the download page.

To order Skin and Nutrition Infopack via regular mail, send $7 (for an electronic version) or $8 (for a printed version) to:

Dr. Todorov
4 Washington Sq. Village, # 5 J
New York, NY 10012

Please be sure to indicate the name of the infopack you are requesting. Also, if you are ordering an electronic version (which arrives quicker than a hard copy), please include your Email address.

Questions? E-mail to Dr. Todorov at:

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