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Quick Skin Care Tips, Beauty Tips and More

This section is devoted to hands-on skin care tips. Also included are tips on related subjects, such as beauty, fitness and personal care. Most of the skin care tips and all of the other tips have been submitted by our visitors. When selecting tips, our criteria include cost-effectiveness, practicability and ease of use.

While the primary focus of is on scientifically validated treatments, we realize that skin care is not a priority for research funding in most countries. As a result, numerous worthy issues remain under-researched. To help fill the gap, this section allows tips to be based primarily on people's personal or professional experiences -- even when hard science is lacking.

We hope that you find these tips helpful. But be judicious: the tips vary in their usefulness and effectiveness; some may be supported by scientific studies, others are not (or at least not yet).

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Skin Care
Homemade Skin Care Recipes (simple DIY)
Cosmetics / Makeup
Nail Care
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Beauty (miscellaneous)
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Index by Function / Purpose

Skin care tips & recipes for: Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-AgingLifting / FirmingRevitalizingExfoliatingMoisturizingCleansing / ToningEye TreatmentLighteningScar TreatmentAcne TreatmentOther

Beauty & makeup tips for: Face EnhancementOther Enhancement

Hair care tips for: Styling Other

Nail care tips for: Nail Health

Diet tips for: General HealthWeight Control

Fitness tips for: General HealthWeight ControlBody Shape

Other tips for: Personal CareSelf-Improvment

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