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Best Practices for Cost-Effective Skin Care

Many people are concerned with health and appearance of their skin. Some spend substantial amounts of money on skin care. Others experience frustration and fear of premature skin aging as they lack extra cash to buy expensive skin care products.

The truth is that skin care does not have to be costly to be effective (except for certain invasive procedures performed by doctors). In fact, a smart skin care regimen costing under $25 a month may be more effective than a $200+ a month regimen created "under the influence" of flashy skin care ads. Furthermore, there are a lot of things you can do for your skin that will cost you nothing at all. For instance, taking a few smart no-cost steps that slow down premature skin aging may be far more effective that neglecting these measures while spending hundreds on expensive creams.

This section should help you increase the effectiveness of your skin care while lowering its costs.

No cost techniques to prevent premature skin aging

How to apply skin care products

Do-it-yourself anti-aging skin care

What to do if nothing seems to improve your wrinkles?

Moisturizing: overhyped, undervalued, or misunderstood?

How to replenish lost collagen?

See also our Quick Tips section, which has a variety of easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions to common skin care and beauty challenges.

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